Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Can be film dune obtained is Oscar optimal 2022 film? Can be is the Hollywood of special fire big dune obtained after all this year the optimal film of Oscar? This film adapts dune to be confused from very famous homonymic fiction book also is a film that the IP that each district of distributinging whole world can say dispute Chang Huo adapts the making cost of this film makes standard exceedingly high also

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But can this film win Oscar after all? This very it’s hard to say above all are the film that a very fine novel often adapts or teleplay second-class commonly or 3 flow poorer even why? Because the audience is opposite,the expectation of a good fiction writing itself is worth exceedingly tall these scripts that we read book literature to go up can have very tall expectation to be worth the imaginary space because of us always is actualer than what catch with cinematograph picture meeting tower above is very much this with respect to hard to avoid

20220213020220 620866ac9523aOtherly a few famous book are adapted The is in a complete mess to be especially inside Hong Kong film a few circumstances that can be scolded by the audience even they are returned to what classic literature studies is not so lucid they just absorbed a bit fur to be added with respect to chaos next adapt this to also make a lot of audiences exceeding feel disgusted this also is why20220213020221 620866ad01f1f

However Zhou Xing gallop after boast swims in a few years on the west, young audience had however unscramble ability newly boast swim on the west push to height however boast swims on the west is booking office however in those days exceptionally low we are returned say today this

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