Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: He is a farmer only, the first play performed when 77 years old, beat Wu Jing; Deng Chao takes next golden pheasant prize Yang Taiyi had you heard of this actor? Probably a lot of people do not know him, but he nominated the emperor of shadow of golden pheasant award 2019, this lets him gain fame, perhaps a lot of people feel mere is a nomination, what to calculate with great quantity, but Yang Taiyi is not an actor however, he also has performed this film only, the name cries ” Guo Zhao closes ” . Giving lubricious performance mediumly in film because of him, golden pheasant award just let him win shadow emperor nomination, this is a tremendous affirmation undoubtedly to this granddad of 78 years old of advanced age, after all first time of actor of a lot of professions goes out nowadays perform the film to also will surely not win nomination.

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Although go up to had not obtained shadow emperor in golden pheasant award, but go up in smooth Yao film festival, yang Taiyi obtained optimal hero by right of this film, accordingly he became our country’s oldest shadow emperor, be too god-given really. How can be the Yang Taiyi that is not professional one’s previous experience so directed to take a fancy to? Crossing clear to close is the film of a very simple warmth affectionately, basically told about a little boy to be taken rural grandfather home and grandfather live together, the grandfather is taking him to visit lad, although the clue is simpler, but very moving however heartstrings.

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Live in the farmer of Henan country as, it is grown on land that Yang Taiyi can say, but what he did not think of is, he what had not contacted any performances, was directed to take the motion picture at a draught, in the film he can say was to act leading role. Because film character and Yang Taiyi are too suitable,probably some of person feels is, so he just acts so well, actually Yang Taiyi has acting absolutely. Average person faces camera lens very factitious, even some of person says even actor’s lines bad, yang Taiyi not only do not aim oneself because of camera lens and nervous, still can show very true nature, really very not easy.

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Award of pardonable golden pheasant gave him such nomination, and at that time of Wu Jing ” battle wolf 2 ” seek with Zhang Yi ” shadow emperor ” , did not let these two people take golden pheasant nomination, can be imagined Yang Taiyi has many outstanding. There is a lot of having to perform the person of endowment on the world, but the member that as a result of a variety of reasons they fail to perform this road, and have a lot of enjoyment starlit is young actor, still not be willing to study acting seriously without endowment, yang Taiyi’s success gave all fresh pork star a caution, again red, again good acting, still also cannot become true actor after all.

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