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Original title: ” it is only encounter you ” leading role CP is really sweet, but do you know leading lady bigger than hero 7 years old? Civil / gentleman of the amusement that boil recently, teleplay ” it is only encounter you ” broadcasted, such work, it is drama of affection of a city. About the subject matter of love, be a lot of people forever love most. Have some of person longing to love story, dual resembles the pursuit of drama gut, surmounted the imagination of a lot of people really. Below such reality, ” it is only encounter you ” heat is sowed, its are really expected. More what is more,the rather that, in such work, still have beauty of not little handsome young man, if Zhang Ming favour, article chants the Yan Zhi of the person such as Shan, Wei Qianxiang, Shang Mengjia, it is actually very be able to bear or endure hit. And this, the bid that also made God theatrical work matchs.

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Such work, also have the basic configuration of idol play likewise, be like rich and powerful family, gem, etc, also be the core of this work. Hero is born in rich and powerful family, but do not suffer wait for see, because very very hard land enters the calculate of stepmother,be more the company in him home, the family financial situation of heroine is general, mom is ” bedlamite ” , also be a poor person, because a variety of the reason is mad dropped. That is to say, main setting, accord with Cinderella and princely collocation. Just, 2 people are together, because love purely,not be, it is the sort of love that does not have reason, design such hobby because of gem however. Come so, as different as a lot of idol play, because of such design, let all very reasonable becoming.

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And, the feeling of 2 people, also not be plain sailing. Even, hero for a time humiliate heroine, because she is the person of own stepmother, in affianced circumstance, barefaced ground humiliate she. Such humiliate, very beyond the mark, if really, also very vent one’s anger. Regrettablly, it is hero misunderstood heroine, but even if is such, 2 people still went one case because of joint concept, recovered love. Such story, it is really 3 fold, also really very cruel. Nevertheless, work just begins to broadcast, 2 people just were known before long, had experienced together ” life and death ” test. Await in those days, each other become each other to be worth the person of support most, 2 people also are a kiss. Regrettablly, 2 people did not stay any connection means, next, open the beginning that cruel loves a story.

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From the point of Yanzhi, favour of hero Zhang Ming and heroine article chant the Yan Zhi of Shan, very tall really, same, the combination of 2 people, a lot of people also show, very tie-in. Because, 2 people come from some kind of meaning say, still have a place really ” photograph of husband and wife ” . Such part chooses, really fine suffers from the intention. Because of such word, the feeling of CP is betterer. In addition, of 2 people all sorts of having an affair with scatter candy, also be to let a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch plaint, be too sweet really. So actual, it is a kind of normal outside teleplay already. But in fact, although 2 people are very tie-in, but the age difference of 2 people, it is pretty is big actually. Because, zhang Ming favour is born in 1995, and Wen Yongshan, it is to be born in 1988. Change character, the schoolgirl wants big 7 years old. So actual, also prove Wen Yongshan maintain pretty good, baby face, it is to add cent really. ” it is only encounter you ” leading role CP is really sweet, but do you know leading lady bigger than hero 7 years old? Occasionally, yan Zhigao and the person that had maintained, it is so capricious. That is, their age, can pass through the channel of days, let you feel the actual age that is less than them. And such cruel loves a story, also tease popular feeling really, also expect work continuity broadcasts can harvest more reputably with nod assist.

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