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Original title: It is to encounter a third party likewise, ” between the world ” processing technique can of Zhou Bingkun weighs schoolbook “I am the active and optimistic person that create 10 elder sister, bring much angle high quality to analyse detail of movie and TV for everybody ” teleplay ” between the world ” heating up in sowing, this is one is worth fine fine savoured time feeling teleplay, begin to see a likelihood feel to be not had flatly strange, but fine fine taste the thing that knew a director to want expression however, ability understands this is a very high grade years theatrical work, so mix with current an audience echo for public praise, also be pretty good really, still have this theatrical work most of core is this generation person can the life of the person of the generation on understanding, a memory can be aroused to kill when to going up generation person is looking, so this drama still has resonance very much for whole.

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Zhou Bingkun unfavorable situation is most awkward for 3 to Home Zhou children in this drama, the family of 3 children is normally medium, there are elder sister and elder brother on, it seems that oneself with respect to position of it doesn’t matter but character, also basically be ineludible in the family of 3 children next such law, the child that does not have prospect more often is the filialest in the home that.

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Zhou Bingkun is not exceptional also, he these year of shadow that lives in brother elder sister all the time below, this calculated, oneself father also looks down on him from the heart, no matter how is he done,cannot obtain him father approbate. So married with the governor’s daughter at the back of his elder brother Zhou Bingyi, also be an undergraduate at the same time, be more than Zhou Bingkun to the esteem of his elder brother to Zhou Bingkun’s father so, not only such, the wife to Zhou Bingkun also is for Zheng Juan get angry easily, no matter allow when to await week of grasping elder brother,be so before oneself father very self-abased, although he is brought up below such environment, but what have a bit or make us admire very much is, zhou Bingyi has daring and resolution as Zhou Bingkun far on the processing of problem of a third party, processing means can of Zhou Bingkun weighs schoolbook.

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Of forereach gut know, zhou Bingkun opened a bookshop by right of his effort, those who change is quite rich, basically be rich the person’s bearing or constant do not have addle, still still let Zheng Juan hold everything in chamberlain. Not only such, still show consideration for in a subtle way to wife, side of so rich the back of a person is much still upgrade of many the carelessly that spend a flower attack, for instance Sun Xiaoning, do not see ability 19 years old Dan Ye heart is not little. Liked to go up Zhou Bingkun has money to have tasted person again so. No matter be the surface,still be privately ceaseless allusive Zhou Bingkun.

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But just regard Sun Xiaoning as all the time to Zhou Bingkun little sister just, press a root so to Sun Xiaoning all sorts of hit out actively did not care about, but such thing man may be stolid, the woman is very sensitive, zheng Juan discovered symptom is not right immediately, rang alarm bell with Zhou Bingkun rapidly so.

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Still produced contradiction and brawl in two people in this process, first bypass does not say this, zhou Bingkun is in what still be worth to draw lessons from very much on the way that handles a third party, sun Xiaoning saw in the hospital at the back of him later blunt say, do not have idea to her, did not conceal what broke others directly to read aloud in vain continuously want. The acquisition with so flat successful manner the dot assist of many netizens! Really complete not messy, so Zhou Bingyi of his elder brother is in this above it is to be inferior to Zhou Bingkun really, the manner with pendulous messy, too ink marks.

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So everybody knows Zhou Bingyi since receiving war industry plant, improve to let the business of war industry factory have, went so Russia draws investment, a girl was known to call Aoliya during Russia, like very much to Zhou Bingyi, zhou Bingyi knows Ao Liya is right oneself idea, his practice is did not reject to also was not accepted already, amphibolous manner is OK also and clear, actually he used Aoliya namely, so really such Ao Liya helped him successfully complete the business that he means to do, two individual deep feeling still go up to be kissed in feast before wanting to go back to the motherland.

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The processing technique of this two brother is so disparate, zhou Bingyi is in when facing the problem that a third party goes after, he can decide to whether want to refuse according to the interest, but used others to take shortcut for his bagatelle course of study apparently, however Zhou Bingkun is decisive on such thing agile not messy, won’t use others to go down all the time with respect to ambiguous relation to his jubilation more, so the distinction of this two individual essence was shown.

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The article is the 10 individual notions that say movie and TV, those who thank everybody is careful read, oneself state: Picture origin network, the person that all copyright put in original creative work ‘s charge is all, if have,delete instantly, the welcome pays close attention to 10 say movie and TV, always one lets you feel very ~ of a place of strategic importance

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