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Original title: Give the Zhu Jie that 0 red hear 16 years, play a favourite by sb in power is not red, marry wealthy businessman 10 years of epigenesis such Mention Zhu Jie this name, believe major person very unfamiliar, do not have her what how had heard of name it seems that. After the feature that should see her nevertheless, believing the majority is to look meet her give the work that perform. Because be in,make the figure that she can see in be being made greatly more, although go out,those who act is not leading role, nevertheless the performance inside also is exceedingly good then, leave deep impression to the audience.

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The effort that depends on oneself is to take an examination of Shanghai Thespian institute, become inside the undergraduate of an appropriate appropriate. Have very good acting not just, and have one Zhang Piaoliang’s cheek, although cannot say is to have how Jing letting a person is colourful, it is very comely it seems that nevertheless, what there is tenderness on the body is temperamental. Go out these year it is personate a lot of parts, still cooperate with the male star with a few very high repute.

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Zhu Jie performs late autumn to become famous overnight, sun Gonglei kisses her 5 times not to cross so old past, it is to had not heard of any concerning to hear a news with her red as before. Can look here come out, she is not the person energy of life that a meeting is relying on hype raise his, and the actual strength that uses oneself proves to everybody. It is the good actor of a be worthy of the name, the hope can let an audience remember her with his work.

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” conceal ” it is a very outstanding work, in 8 years before a shown teleplay. Although had gone so long time, nevertheless nowadays still is to a lot of people like to look. At that time its heat is first-rate, be on gut not just very wonderful, the actor inside also was to show masterly acting.

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When drama broadcasts, got the jubilation of a lot of audiences, everybody is very tall to its evaluation. And the occurrence that there is her in this teleplay, and there is a close part before just appearing in camera lens, and still be she kisses Sun Gonglei actively.

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Later in interviewing, she is to say, just be about to have show of a kiss with Mr. Sun into the play staff at that time. She at that time or very feel embarrassed, particularly good because of what did not develop, was to be patted 5 times continuously so. Be to eat Mr. Sun’s too much bean curd in this show share.

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Come out with respect to what can look from inside a few so short sentences, she is a person that has business of very tall affection. Not only dissolved the awkwardness of share of this close show, and let a person listen to what still feel to, she is a person that is taking a few minutes of humour.

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Such she can be certainly in everyday life the human relation with very various processing. What is the thing that knows oneself want after all, also won’t want to rely on the reputation that who will acclaim whose and enhances oneself so.

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Besides this work, additionally one also is to achieve very high viewing rate, that is ” snow leopard ” . This is the teleplay of subject matter of a war, be inside is the picture about the war for the most part, and be less on feeling. In those days it was to receive very high opinion, it is on gut very wonderful. In a few years of time later, appear in the teleplay list of summer vacation archives all the time.

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Behave outstandingly because of what be inside namely, the article enrages the star with fast not very from a person, became the star of a widely known in short time. Acting ability is gotten approbate, a lot of audiences also are to like exceedingly to him.

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Also be to be after this part, he is in resource this respect is to ameliorate gradually, masterly acting is the again and again brings an audience the surprise, became 80 hind male star go-between is angry most a of fire.

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And the begin that she appears in this work namely in the plot of a play of a few part. She gives the person that act is Xiao Ya, be article personate is male advocate fiancee. Nevertheless at that time male advocate had had liked person, it is to did not accept her so. It is however in the time later, favorite person was to abandon oneself.

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And his at that time place is exceedingly bad, and the person that accompanies him all the time at the moment is Xiao Ya. It is not just be touched by her company, it is to like this girl really, the tenderness that fell in love with her and sensible.

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The feeling of two people was to have very great progress, feel OK to such all the time happiness goes down originally. However the war broke all these, she was to be to death in the enemy’s hand, this ability open fight gallantly after him enemy road. Two the individual’s feeling are to get of a lot of people like, although do not have dynamic, also be nevertheless very warm. After should seeing she is gone especially, a lot of audiences before believing screen are very sad.

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Although this fiancee of Zhu Jie personate is inside,appearing camera lens is not much, it is the impression that left profundity to the audience however nevertheless. Because acting is very good, obtain the jubilation of people, this piece acting is to have very great help to her career, let more and more people remember her.

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Be it seems that nevertheless after this one work is very few and OK the figure that sees her before screen, is this after all why? Is the career having risinging period? How to leave suddenly? Because be on career and family, she chose a family.

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Zhu Jie’s husband is a person that has talent and actual strength her husband is Tian Ming, it is likewise one is very new name to everybody. Understand ability carefully to know nevertheless when everybody, he is a person that has talent and actual strength really. In those days ” Chinese nice voice ” when the program appears before the audience, harvested very great attention.

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Be inside is to be able to hear a lot of people’s different singing. And the adviser that invites inside, that battle array is exceedingly powerful, have the Na Ying, person such as Yang Kun and Zhou Jielun for example, in music it is to have decisive place in this circle. Was to achieve very high viewing rate for a time. The star that takes from inside also is many special, till nowadays, it is the program with very welcome first gear as before.

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Tian Ming is the president of a company, have very powerful actual strength, also be a person that has talent very much likewise. And the production that this lawsuit that he has is this program square, exchange a word for, then he is the boss of backside of this put together art. No matter be to be on gold, still be exceedingly good on ability.

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Have a such men that have actual strength, be in so after marrying, gradually, put oneself major while and energy on the family. See here just understands, have a such husband, believe to be in act in a play an interest interest that going up is her, won’t caring about a person to be enraged after all at all is how, so nature need not rely on hype to enhance his reputation.

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Zhu Jie is a person that has actual strength again softly so, believing regular also in the family meeting is a good wife, one cherishs good mom of the child. Believing the following life also is can happier and happier, the life with healthy family is worn. To her this an actor, before screen are you what to kind of view there is?

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