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Original title: ” know to deny ” Ming Lan hand rips health maternal aunt to be grandmother not merely, her word, lian Cheng Ji fear after the event Zhao Liying, feng Shaofeng, the ancient costume drama that Zhao Jia acts the leading role rather ” know to deny ” in, gut is compact and wonderful, character depict is exquisite, stereo and full. And the fastidious that is aimed at dress prop waits except a moment, the classical actor’s lines of its actor is the window in window however. Often can be recalled to rise by pink of very much true love, blurt out like have words. And occasion can say very much in teleplay wonderful name a lot of. But speak of Ming Lan is small lovely holding out pregnant abdomen gets back justice for grandmother and the hand rips scheming female Kang Wangshi makes fun of this paragraph in, calculate absolutely going up is classical. We are recollected together below at that time wonderful.

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Marry the Ming Lan after Hou Fu can say the perception like thoroughly remould oneself, do not be like the shelter of grandmother is stridden because of forring years only in v/arc inner chambers for womenfolk flourishing the home and overcautious, cautious life. Instead is not only married flexibly Lang Jun, be fond of her to respect her. She by elder people v/arc an admonitory talk to subordinates is bullied. Also be a husband appear personally for a short while safeguard her. Protect when Chao Xingui drive have rendered great service, more the hand takes penates of 10 thousand be linked together to grasp clutch in the hand. Although hour is small family name of the Qin Dynasty the bright gun attack by a hidden enemy of the mother-in-law of stepmother of an outwardly kind but inwardly cruel person of this double-dealing. However also can erect back defies to it

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Ming Lan’s scene is married greatly not only of lineal descent of other people of a lot of officials inside Beijing of another name for Kaifeng female people mutual jealousy, with respect to the elder sister that fills even oneself a daughter of of lineal descent Kang Wangshi saw envious also heart itch intolerable. Think method to want to press Ming Lan, let pleasing to the eye of Ming Lan low eyebrow hear her name even. One pair takes the grandma parent that holds a clique to connect Gu Tingye constant wet nurse is not borne, run her curse. And fill because feel distressed,the old lady is filled inside the home Ming Lan, compel Wang Refu discontinuity and Kang Wangshi to come and go. Admonish a few times not to listen, filled an old lady to be punished in public with saying king old a polite form of address for a young woman when the grandma

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If because heart indolence looks for an elder sister quickly to complain,king nots, did not become want in the middle of Kang Wangshi one’s heart’s desire. Wang Refu of her egg on gives mother-in-law envenom, make its lingering sickbeds. If such king not OK the palm accuses to fill the home everything. If the king with simple idea nots without her one pace falls into this in poisonous Fu hand. Kang Wangshi is comfortable Hou Fu was writtened guarantee a few times issue enemy by the nature after Ming Lanxiu disgrace and her, more because fill an old lady for many times,move bad her favour. This so she did flawless plan. When waiting for Wang Refu to come to the light, her fishing old man gets benefit.

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When Ming Lan is in and Wang Refu confronts each other, father fills Ji not to want to do this thing big, with him consistent style finds out cause namely, small punish oneself old a polite form of address for a young woman. In-house and contradictory interior is solved, a bit does not want to look for Kang Wangshi’s trouble. Ming Lan can not know this his state of mind how. If handle the issue that she handles grandmother like the thing of young woman at that time,the eye is seeing father. Ming Lan heart sneers. She this father, the leaf was dropped also be afraid of smash him head, want a family scandal only nothing more than raise, he won’t denounce justice for grandmother stoutly

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When Ming Lan is analysing real intent of Kang Wangshi to Wang Refu, in fact also says to fill Ji to listen. If Kang Wangshi goes out this the plan is successful really, grandmother is toxic die. Wang Refu have a guilty conscience, to beg an elder sister not to poison his the thing of mother-in-law is spoken. Affirm family name of king of Yu Kang of take orders from. Await Cheng Changbai’s official career at that time, even if be to fill Ji , hua Lan should be taken to hold by her. Calculate person of Home Cheng Cheng not to agree. She also can force Wang Refu goes begging go genuflect also must achieve her satisfaction. The cold sweat flourishing Ji that a word listens to is risked continuously. Fear after the event unceasingly.

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Filling Ji to begin what say by Ming Lan to do also is to if do not make a thorough investigation of this matter,think of, ming Lan does not agree to stop not to say. Kang Wangshi also is a time bomb however. Toughen one’s scalp-brace oneself also should be checked. Ming Lan also insisted to get back a justice to grandmother because of his finally. Although let health king family name finally,escape fill the home. But bright Lanyi’s person faces Wangjia old lady at that time, whole Wang Jia, of health home confronting each other also is wonderful unsurpassed.

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If say the measure of socialization of old a polite form of address for a young woman of v/arc inner chambers for womenfolk inside teleplay, then Kang Wangshi also is a person that above average. Since health home enters capital, each fete she can show up, not only the good reputation that uses Wang Jia. Those who fill the home, even she of Hou Fu Minglan also should lend strength. If she is not to harbor evil intentions, breadth of mind is narrow, of one mind is wanting to uproot the person that offends his only. The rumour water that then Kang Wangshi also can mix rises. Regrettablly oneself after all dig one’s own grave. If not be Ming Lan’s advisability, hold Kang Wangshi. Want to let person fear after the event.

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