Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: Original Chen Yuqi goes out had acted ” green drama ” , male advocate handsome over- ” Zhang Moji ” , I should seek theatrical work To Chen Yuqi’s impression, still stay in all the time ” stream flower princess ” when, in before of conflagration ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” in, of personate of Chenyu fine jade is heroic spirit is generous flow flower princess, goodness of a person’s mind, but cannot be mixed after all,beloved person photograph is defended. Give the role that has performed to Chen Yuqi, great majority still has very much differentiate those who spend, it is to flow not just flower. In ancient costume drama ” samite not ended ” in, charming is spruce postscript of lovely 9 princesses develop enlighten, it is to bring those who get countless netizens to love more. She is inherent the spirit of in one’s heart is angry, with respect to cannot help doing sth letting a person, plus masterly acting, each part deductive incisively and vividly.

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And, everybody does not know most propbably, original Chen Yuqi also is to go out had acted ” green drama ” , showed 2017 namely ” fresh pork teacher ” personate a spoony little girl. And writing love letter on this thing, it is quite persistent, caused a series of conte that be between tears and smiles, after be being discovered by the teacher, dissolved awkwardness easily.

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See the appearance of an actor of student of this a suit, it is clinking joint, a bit was not violated and feel, filming at that time should be the season in chill, so dress is business suit + sweater + of the shirt, plunging into pure and fresh the horsetail plait of happy person, original character disposition, reflect it is to reach the designated position.

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And in see male advocate when, want scarcely too enchanted, simply Dou Shuai passes ” Zhang Moji ” . Although look, the picture wind of whole department theatrical work is very relaxed, humorous, but Yan Zhi is not sportive however. Be in latter, below the circumstance with green hot drama, many netizens express ” I should begin to seek theatrical work “

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