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Original title: ” the city of time ” in ” mad batch ” teenager, admitting is ” small night China ” , because change is too big Jing Tian goes out act ” Si Teng ” , fine-looking Jing admired a big audience. Go out this again act ” the city of time ” , also be shown to be fairy again ” descend to the world ” . Do not cross the audience of bright eye to see Si Teng and Feng Shizhen’s distinction. If say Si Teng is the word of unique belle,they express, so Feng Shizhen can be common belle only.

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But common belle also is a belle, add gut belt touch, acting gives power, this ” the city of time ” still close inspect not common. Besides Jing Tian, Xu Weizhou, the one numerous costar of this drama also is to take very feeling. For example male mood of 2 the first month is installed, his appearance appearance Confucianism elegant, temperamental Qing Dynasty absolutely, abdomen of disposition Gao Leng is black, black and white two matter. To avenge, he is brought female advocate into bureau, it is full play is the biggest ” hold dish of hand ” .

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Although Meng Xuan is used female advocate, persecute male advocate, but to this villain in drama, the audience is hated however do not rise. Who can defy the avenger that an abdomen Hei Shuai enrages? What is more,the rather that his person that act or classics exceed. Very long period of time, via exceeding the Meng Xuan that act person energy of life was surmounted male advocate, become limelight strong figure. Someone says he is brutal, someone says him ” mad batch ” . Till Meng Jiu appear, everybody just discovers, “Mad batch ” this word uses Meng Jiu the talent on the body is more suitable. Because this sits in the boy on wheelchair, just be be worthy of the name ” mad approve a teenager ” .

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Although sit on wheelchair, dan Mengjiu appearance is comely and handsome, dress is decent also, looking is childe of highborn old and well-known family. He sees Feng Shizhen sits over, cannot help speaking highly of: You grow very beautifully, can you make my model? See Feng Shizhen does not have a response, return what expect all over the face to enquire again: OK? Elder sister. Very polite.

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But be a such boys that laugh grandma bud, OK however all over the face the smile is spoken ” killed that individual ” , remain calm, cruel innocent.

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In be informed male advocate after true identity, how does his more elated He Mengxu say: “Be him? You killed that eldest brother rapidly he ” . See Meng Jiu the appearance of this happy to dance, buy a toy to act like a spoiled child commonly to oneself like elder brother of beg of a child. The desire that Dan Qi seeks is homicide however, honest too over- ” mad batch ” . This Meng Jiu, it is undoubtedly ” mad batch ” teenager. He call Meng Xuan the elder brother, but the nephew that he is Meng Xuan actually, also be the little brother on Rong Jia.

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Old before, elder sister Meng Qingzhi of Meng Xuan, once had had a paragraph to be able to ‘t bear turn one’s head with Rong Dingkun ” love ” , meng Jiu is them ” love is crystal ” . The young lady of a thousand pieces of gold in cabinet of Meng Qingzhi boudoir, the nature is pure; Rong Dingkun shrewdnesses however extremely deep, selfishness is cool thin. Force not only mad Meng Qingzhi, also kill miserable Meng Jiu.

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As the uncle, meng Xuan wants naturally to revenge for elder sister and nephew, just had the story nowadays. This also is why everybody installs hate not to rise to mood of the first month, also put to Meng Jiuxin fondly reason.

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The netizen says: “This is small the boy grows well to invite person the higher authorities ” , also have person ” this boy has bit of look familiar ” . In fact, yue of stone of the person that act installs Xin is an audience really ” old friend ” , he ever was ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” medium ” small night China ” . Because change is too big, a lot of people did not recognize.

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Be in ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” in, the small night Hua Lingli that Shi Yue installs Xin to act is lovely, love by the audience. A few main actors such as he of discipline of small off year and Yang Mi have many adversary to make fun of, take one by one held.

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In those days stone Yue Anxin is 10 years old of right-and-left children nevertheless, had had not the acting of common, also be each frequenter of large play staff at the same time —

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the stone Yue Anxin when stays long bud is lovely, little face is fruity, laugh a pair of peach blossom eyes however especially hold up person, it is an argute child as a child.

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As years elapse, stone Yue Anxin has blossommed a size partner, and ” the city of time ” female advocate Jing Tian group photo, two people are already about the same tall. On the face puerile also gradually come out, had the teenager’s heroic bearing. And change is not little in one’s childhood, pardonable netizen does not admit temporarily.

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Speak a name to want before it is too late, these An Xin modelled year of Shi Yue many parts, although be costar but still let a person remember profundity. Believe to be mixed hard with his endowment, will give off light certainly henceforth calorific.

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