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Original title: ” is beautiful language endowed with ” does big BOSS have its person additionally? Not be yuan of Lang, the likelihood is to conceal profound she Although ancient occasionally drama receives, want to break through a tight encirclement be not easy thing, but real an excellent work can be attracted many ” tap water ” , make countless audiences willing escort the Emperor for its convoy, in ancient kill in drama occasionally give ” hematic road ” . ” beautiful language is endowed with ” it is among them. This is being stuck ” drama of ancient costume love ” of label ancient occasionally drama brought a netizen too much surprise. It is sweet that you think bestow favor on drama, but men and women advocate the fate brings lovers together that be between tears and smiles more resembling is a comedy.

20220213021413 6208697542aa0

What do not cross fish bridegroom is dead uncovered proposal of false silver-colored ballot again, the dead law case that should be immersed in autumn beautiful mother immediately, let a person feel this is drama of a suspense clearly again.

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Since be suspense sure have a murderer, hide backstage big BOSS also caused a netizen to guess a lot ofly — yuan Lang somebody guesses yuan of Lang is to persecute the culprit of autumn home. Although this part comes on the stage later, but weight is quite full, because he is male girder assist dead correct. Liang Yi is ” kindling is in ” the old, yuan Lang is chapter goverment office in feudal China advocate thing, two people are emperor of Yu Huang of straightforward be at sb’s command. 3 years nevertheless Qian Yuanlang is demoted because of Liang Yi government-owned banish, returning this is already ” button cobaltic salary. Yuan Lang ” .

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Because of autumn beautiful father by circumvent, autumn home by search sb’s house and confiscate his property, the person of search sb’s house and confiscate his property is yuan of Lang. In jail, yuan Lang returns the life photograph coerce with autumn home grown-ups and children, letting his bring a false charge against sb is everything what Liang Yi incites. How to look, yuan Langdou is great villain in drama.

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In fact, yuan although Lang fights brave with Liang Yi battle of wits all the way, look cruel and evil shrewdness is extremely deep, but stand fast all the time however official in feudal times this heart. He and Liang Yi love each other to be killed, settle misunderstands be dispelled past grudge later. In Qiu Jiazhi case, he is executant only, be not is abet of behind the curtain. Autumn old lady ” beautiful language is endowed with ” the behind the curtain guesses another times of BOSS greatly is autumn old lady. In so big autumn seat of government, autumn the old lady is grand sight garden undoubtedly in merchant the existence like the mother, but this old lady is apparent and fierce much.

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At first, 4 rooms incite Qiu Jiasan room old lady Jiang Qiuyan extends, the old lady feels Qiu Yan does not wish to agree without fault, see her heart or have oneself read aloud surely.

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But later Qiu Yan and Qin Xuan illicit can be met by chance, be unworthy of the fame of autumn home, old lady ability be determined sells her hair. Do not shrink back with dying to force to Qiu Yan, the issue that because Qiu Yan agrees,resolves false silver-colored bill only just makes concession. This shows, the old lady is a person that quite the principle has a medium again. Say ” ginger is old still hot ” , so can she be Boss of behind the curtain?

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Although a lot of people feel of autumn beautiful mother concern couplet greatly with the old lady to death, but be in premonitory mid-autumn by hind of search sb’s house and confiscate his property, the old lady is abjection also, also perish soon. Although she goes up to have a lot of secrets possibly personally, but not be big BOSS apparently, without which big after all BOSS gets offline so early. Since Guo Guifei is big Boss won’t be yuan of Lang also cannot be autumn old lady, it is to conceal her very deep likely already so, that is Guo Guifei.

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Person of Guo Guifei that act is Ma Yashu, she is female in drama 3, but show share is few however, also come on stage a few times only at present. Time, Ga do not match completely with show share.

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If when seeing Ma Yashu be done so that publicize for this drama again, saying —

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Ma Yashu expresses: “The suffering of one’s life experience cannot character says, the heart is pulled stumble cannot give up. The line on Guo Guifei, see those who belong to her together answer story ” . Current and character, guo Guifei did not disclose too much information, but should have heaven and earth additionally from the point of the main actor’s trends. Nevertheless also the netizen feels is everybody thinks much, guo Guifei just has a story that attributes his probably, be not being meant is big Boss, a variety of guessing let person deep feeling not only: If really burn a brain.

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Although burn a brain a bit, but be this suspense feeling lets more and more netizens join the main force that seek theatrical work in the center. I love simple after all your kindness too sweet be bored with, joined suspense colour to be able to bring the cerebral cell of the audience into play more. The fact proves, may not of true good theatrical work needs the conduct propaganda that blot out the sky and cover up the earth, want gut to give power only, the netizen is willing to act as that propagandist. ” beautiful language is endowed with ” enter the most pleasant stage gradually nowadays, the gut after believing is more wonderful, might as well wait and see what happens.

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