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Original title: “Love after marriage first ” does teleplay see be bored with? These 6 sweet scamper, look 100 times also not be bored with! The classics covering a region that loves after marriage first often appears in teleplay, but be like everybody 100 look not be bored with, also once had given many classical teleplay, for instance ” romantic houseful ” , ” Shuang Shichong the wife of a prince ” etc. The teleplay of this kind of type, leading role of male and female is the love after marrying first, audience of or firm cruel, for instance ” east palace ” , or is sweet bestow favor on full marks, gut also is done laugh interesting, yan Zhi is very tall also. Below 6 ” love after marriage first ” the work of movie and TV of subject matter, does the mind that has you love most? ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents “

20220213021508 620869ac4b30a

The much that everybody has seen ” love after marriage first ” it is contemporary theatrical work almost, but the teleplay that also having many ancient costume theatrical work also is this type, for instance ” the Chen Qian Qian in the hearsay ” , ” go up from popular feeling ” etc. But ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” have the gut that loves after marriage first not only, still more carries laugh story, regard go with rice as drama most appropriate.

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And ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” film even the 2nd, this drama is in 2021 also is to obtain very good result, guo Qilin and Yi of the Song Dynasty have Cp of sister younger brother not only, still have feeling of Cp of husband and wife, these two people are too nice also crack with teeth in mouth. ” from marry begin have a love affair “

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This drama told about household group Lu Fangning of strong female president and tender surgeon Ling Rui, because of bond marriage, the story that the sweetness after marriage loves each other. Be one ” love after marriage first ” + ” strong president ” sweet bestow favor on drama, and still cover a region instead ” hold up husband ” , female advocate for with male advocate become husband and wife, but spent very great time.

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Of this drama female advocate it is personate of You Zhouyu red, male advocate it is You Gongjun personate, it is the actor that immortal colour is worth, if you did not look, missing is true regrettablly. ” the relation that just marries “

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This drama is adapted from sweet net popular novel ” show marriage president bond wife ” , told about a paragraph ” match each other in strength ” city vogue love story. Princely strange deductive is overbearing the president is fat not at all, very lovely still, 2021 this drama also obtains very right result.

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Gao Tian still has the gut of the blood that nod a dog, look more however jump over above, the Yanzhi of two main actors and acting are very pretty good, the friend scarcely that likes article of this kind of strong president wants to miss. ” one’s whole life “

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Ren Jialun and white deer are in ” Zhou Shengru reason ” later be in again ” one’s whole life ” renew leading edge, CP of the period of the day from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. loves after marriage first super sweet! Exceed active what is appropriate to the occasion, satisfied on the regret of generation, this generation marries from acquaintance, also not be willing to miss momently.

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This and other teleplay are different, other teleplay is very strong, or all sorts of is forced. And this drama they relied on the email to contact a lot of years before marry, and Zhou Shengchen should seek individual marriage gift successive and familial bequest, he just proposes with the what is appropriate to the occasion that meets 3 times. ” of congratulate gentleman love love do not forget “

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This drama presents as leading role to act the leading role by Wei Zheming, Hu Yixuan, adapt from novel of Ma Lisu love ” congratulate shines less marriage is warm wife ” , around He Qiao of CEO of group of congratulate family name the banquet is mixed the Qin Dynasty of children psychology advisory division spreads out with Yue, the story of the congratulate home father and son that told about the Qin Yiyue of warm goodness to cure dissocial inhospitality gradually.

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This drama can let everybody experience the joy of bud child, male advocate be bully always, and female advocate it is children psychology doctor. And this other Cp is very good also knock, lin Weining is put, Yang Rewei Wen Gu two pairs of CP also were together ” beautiful good month round “

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This drama told about small a round mass of food of strange force girl and Mei Shiqing of Leng Jun major general, be proud Liu Yingyao of infanta of charming poisonous tongue and grandma ruffian fortified mountain village are little advocate small treasure, two pairs of CP span the identity, enemy meets to give birth to a sincere feeling gradually, deduce two paragraphs of stories that recall love bravely.

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Although such gut set looks a little set, but this kind of gut is very charming still, and the main actor of this drama also is immortal colour, they are Li Geng hope and Huang Junjie, also be tall Yan Zhi’s actor. # is homebred # of good theatrical work everybody besides this 6 ” love after marriage first ” teleplay, what good-looking play had still seen?

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