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Original title: Quan Yuzhou has love most ” lad ” , came back! Friends, these days I already N is brushed ” lad is written down ” — yes, the beautiful theatrical work that I loved truly on Feburary 11 came back! Eventually need not flounder all sorts of websites push lightly resource, wait for download, also not be to brush the extract of nearsightedness frequency to act as of the life ” anaesthetic ” , look this to make season at a heat namely (and it is high-definition rehabilitate edition) , happy daylong! Resource is bad before to search, even if finding also is 360P tall paste… so this: Bright! 20220213021451 6208699b8ea13 20220213021452 6208699c6eaa8 20220213021452 6208699ce836a (S1 meets everybody then summit of summit of true · Yan Zhi) first crooked a building. I must say next the biggest surprises that brush the first season again, it is tall treats · Ke Luni! Look to be him before tender mesmerize to the Yan Zhi that gives juice, saw ability this capture when he pursues the girl ” the monkey that bare a tooth is urgent ” ” fat ” the instant, can saying be him simply is infrequent comedy ” black history ” with a ha breath out (sweet clew: Qiao Zhishu is in S1E17)20220213021453 6208699dcaf49 ” lad is written down ” the meaning is too much really and too much! Very may much person and I am same, most beginning is to learn a foreign language to just enter pit, predict it is originally ” walk along the United States ” the thing of and so on, did not think of this division belongs to SITCOM (the scene is comedic) plaything, not only topic measure is not small, and everybody is having interesting kind-hearted soul, how can you have so good crack with teeth in mouth so is the lad of above daily? ! 20220213021454 6208699eeb617 “Magic Beans ” Moment? ? See 6 their people be accompanied each other in the life of bumpy, grow jointly, I am gutty also and silent be accompanied the move, sense that is being loved. And, see loop of head of the sexual amlposition stalk in a few play, men and women have those who fasten and so on now, still also can feel super and amused — these 6 people are opposite in 90 time make impromptu comic gestures and remarks of all sorts of hot hot topic for discussion, spit groove to speak, observe and discuss what hold out fierce ~~ to still have former unripe family really, the explanation that the job chooses is waited a moment, altogether at that time very halfback, do not pass now when! 20220213021455 6208699f5890c 20220213021456 620869a090c5d 20220213021457 620869a1e48b6 (capture accidentally the Gan Se of Central Perk is small he returns lovely ~ when the first season is to be regarded as ” setting board ” coffee tool person, do not have actor’s lines completely)20220213021459 620869a325227 ” lad is written down ” 10 years of 10 season, had been a kind of chief condition. And outspread to drama anthology universe besides a variety of: 6 advocate achieve from wet behind the ears sweet heart girl, utility man or different region amorous feelings are small unripe etc, to pass this ” be not valued even in those days ” drama anthology and boil accidentally gave a head, and be explode overnight approximately red. Everybody is acquainted when Yu Wei, friendly feelings Shen Du, digested the leap up like switchback together again the exposure of red, topple the mountains and overturn the seas, marry severally again, parturient, career has other fork in a road again…20220213021500 620869a450511 20220213021500 620869a4e9393 The family that your friend is you — this is ” lad is written down ” concept, this story that lasted 10 years is not about ” a leading role and his friend ” , however about ” Na Qunpeng is friendly ” . Look discover after theatrical work became much, although the saccharin of love CP is sweet, but the best knock, most god-given, still be friendship, be ” lad writes down ” that libretto of titles Qu Li: I ‘ Ll Be There For You. All, these year volt rises and fall since life, fortune is flexuous, but ” lad is written down ” it is mind from beginning to end good. Look last year the program of reunion, no matter be the story that vermicelli made from bean starch shares the Mo Ni that finds his to get stuck, or all sorts of in those days film of titbits, main actors explode newly makings, I can laugh so that see the tooth does not see an eye, cry rarely again a little while in. With respect to, each picture that crack with teeth in mouth crosses, green, love, friendship, be feeling of fact of the real situation. And, plan because of resting to · is defended greatly when reunion and Jenny of Fu Annisidu ” honest ” , also include other a few people say ” early nose air has an affair with mediumly ” , “Double R ” CP (Ross He Ruiqiu) it is true actually, when this makes me heavy brush the first season much new experience: Wrapping around the luck of marriage gauze autumn rash ground ran into Central Perk, also rushed into Ross’ heart. But Luo Sichi did not take action behindhand, small lovely Joy says you two did not make fun of, stay in Friend Zone! 20220213021501 620869a59326f This is one of watch white extract that I love most, you say what feline cat can have again snappish: 20220213021502 620869a6382d5 Although say,be different and spatio-temporal cough up, but in view of two because have severally,date later for the main actor object (yes, fu Annisidu mixes Jenny later Bulade Pete love) , and miss directly, the actor’s lines of the crank of this paragraph of balcony of last collect of S1, OK still amlposition is tasted taste, simply magical ah ha: 20220213021503 620869a78085b 20220213021504 620869a8c1860 20220213021505 620869a9e7526 Besides official CP, review Gan Se this to made me broken prevent. Of this lucky autumn ” the crazy mad dark person that love ” , always wearing the dress of colour Ming Yan, silver hair and the cravat that hit scene are unusual grab an eye, so you always are can from coffee hall the Spot in setting board arrives he! He also is lad in marking cosignatory happy expensive series, appear exclusively ” lad is written down ” the 7th person. Although we do not know the full name of this part (this also is a stalk in drama) . Last year, person of Gan Se that act Zhanmusi Michael Taylor (James Michael Tyler) die because of prostate carninomatosis, die at the age of is 59 years old. Play staff large reunion when, he and groups of big tenderness connect a line, “This is me the most unforgettable 10 years in life ” , because,showing up is ” do not want to let an illness bring negative sentiment to everybody ” . I just know the story of this individual suddenly, before this he brought me so much second mirth, I never approach truly he. With this part, he is dark love lucky autumn, but his Tibet is gotten unmanned and very deep, witting. Coffee division is really before Taylor, he is invited to do only at the beginning ” lad is written down ” of coffee hall ” setting board ” , when he speaks the first actor’s lines, gut development has entered the 2nd season, he also has come on the stage more than 30 times. His actor’s lines is very simple: “YEAH ” . Include his silver hair, also be to do it innocently so. Because of side of the friend before trying he catchs hair failure, the fragrant heart that result silver hair acquires producer accidentally however — come 10 years so, he can be caught every week hair. 20220213021507 620869ab428c6 such, he became first-rate dark love spokesman, small sun of the world. In the end of life, he still is in bring to everybody like the sun energy, he uses his personal experience, appeal everybody wants cancer of fixed check-up, precaution. He is too warm really. . . . . . . ! Besides classical bridge paragraph, I still like to be in this series particularly actually ” know a face ” . As in those days the hottest drama market, too much and too much star of big shop sign crosses announce on this, had brushed a face. Bulade Pete (the part of his personate, the Weir Keerbaite of middle school classmate of lucky autumn is right gnash of lucky Qiu Ke with a ha breath out) need not say, still have what had died ” dead poem company ” Mu of Williams of · of guest of main actor collect this (perform very fine jade precious jade of type break down part) , rangqiaoyi is spoken ” How Are You Doing ” god of hold up younger sister sentence · of lucky alizarin red Withers Peng (she performs lucky autumn little sister) , “A tough guy father ” Bruce · power benefit (but the real nature in drama special chelonian wool, contrast bud is pulled full) , “Curry Fei ” Joy and the Gary Aodeman that miss Oscar 3 times are the same as take sport. . . . . . 20220213021507 620869ab9093d 20220213021508 620869aceac24 20220213021510 620869ae7eb6d 20220213021512 620869b028228 “Formic person ” come on the stage let a person too easily produce spatio-temporal and unbalanced move, mix in those days sensory difference is not big now, is be afraid of to eat antiseptic? Pardonable, paul · Lu Dehui becomes Xin Jin ” the world is the sexiest man ” ! Mix in drama ” strange force girl ” Feibila buries scuttle, return fairy tale ~ than fairy tale20220213021513 620869b174c16 Which still can surmount fairy tale to CP? Be Qiandele and Mo Ni card of course, of incorporeal spouse optimal deduce! 20220213021513 620869b1f19c4 When still be being written down so that their amour is kicked to explode, of Phoebe ” hot eye ” expression? I with a ha am breathed out via often can be being used ” lad is written down ” in have too much and too much had exploded now red big star, just at that time they mostly very young, often take move or the temperament with flighty or acerbity blueness, everybody is showing amused comedic Moment in this scene drama, the government personally of end spit groove bitingly, very common also, look to have parallel very much really again now spatio-temporal repeatedly the feeling of Cross-over! 20220213021514 620869b27a1d6 I look in actor cruel, because be in before me,this brushs ” Tang Du is manorial ” ” 9 secretary job ” ” the life explodes greatly ” ” go bankrupt sister ” wait for flower beauty drama. 20220213021516 620869b41191f I remember, actor cruel is in early established channel of beautiful theatrical work 2010, it is Chinese Internet one of first video websites that establish channel of beautiful theatrical work, a few that years the abroad resource library of actor cruel returns pretty complete, a list of plays that sows alone is not little also, because this made my first selection. 20220213021517 620869b58b6dd Now, the abroad theater of actor cruel is chosen piece still maintain level, very right my appetite, with fabaceous valve of the public praise of 9 minutes of above as advocate. See not hard, actor cruel is whole and abroad the keyword with content the most prominent position of the theater is ” classical ” , a lot of bad to seek the gramophone record of resource, have here offer. And, the titbits of these drama anthology also can give free along with all the others, perfect contract, the vermicelli made from bean starch that offer IP digs the service with makings one-stop ~ , what see bright too is close, solid belong to god-given! Want to be experienced again ” lad people ” grow 10 years — after all who lets this group of people, no matter look how many times, can be we still warmed by them? Altogether, classical, be worth while! Everybody is brushed together rise ~

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