Fri. Sep 30th, 2022
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Original title: 19 years old compare beautiful Liu Xiaoqing, be doted on by Li Yapeng, when red when exit however perform art circle To drama of an ancient costume, if the actor’s acting follows playwrite problem of it doesn’t matter, the dot that everybody pays close attention to most followed the actor’s Yan Zhi to go up in modelling, deep impressional can stay to the person in numerous ancient costume play just a little of far more than, wang Zuxian’s Nie is for instance small handsome, be like small Long Nv of Chen Yulian again, and doesn’t the seedling second second that says today know to a few individual knowledges there are?

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Seedling second second is born in old and well-known family of a film, in 18 years old when organic meeting goes out perform teleplay, when thinking of the 2nd year 19 years old, go out with respect to partner Liu Xiao Qing acted ” Wu Zetian ” , of Liu Xiaoqing version ” Wu Zetian ” can saying is a the most classic version, in drama Liu Xiaoqing acts the role of woman of fawn on of practise traditional martial arts, after Wang Huang of Zheng bright personate, anxiety dream personate is clever, each beautiful clear and deep. Amid, seedling second second has 19 years old only at that time, act art experience also is not very much, but outer going up to did not lose any person, the big gas phase with Liu Xiaoqing is compared, he Lan of personate of seedling second second became much the blueness like a few minutes of ice and snow is acerbity. 1995, as if in that time actors can act in a play inherently, everything is very natural and true.

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Say modelling, second of second visitting a young plant is in the figure in drama, just like a spring, resemble a Qing Lian again.

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Depend on in ” Wu Zetian ” the excellent performance in, seedling second second is inside the circle immediately famous degree tall, a lot of directors contact part of personate of seedling second second, she ever personate crosses Yue Lingshan, in Li Yapeng version ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” in her personate the Xiaoshi younger sister that Ling Huchong loves most, the eyes is clever and pure and fresh lovely namely such:

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And be in seedling second second is famous degree taller and taller when, she made a hard decision however, follow the child for the family, she decides to also do not take sport again, dedicated it is above photograph husband godchild, the likelihood is known so like seedling second second accept or reject, the female talented person that knows what oneself want will be happier.

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