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Original title: Arrive from Liu Huifang music secretary, what this step strides Zhang Kaili is big CCTV opens year of big play ” between the world ” once roll out,lifted to chase after drama mad tide, although just left 2022 year, a lot of audiences already ” between the world ” call ” king of year theatrical work ” , say it is the high-quality goods that will see inaccessibly for years. Although all sorts of recreation programs make a person dazzling during the Spring Festival, but ” between the world ” however firmly locks up an audience dead, close inspect go taller more. This drama from origianl work Liang Xiaosheng, to Li Lu of Zuo of playwrite king sea, director, arrive again photography, take change, the configuration of square field surface can says luxurious, asked China’s best effigies cameraman Xiao Quan to hold a knife personally even, it may be said does not have one place not delicate. Especially with emperor of shadow hind, shadow, after inspecting, the powerful cast that inspects the Supreme Being to give priority to composition, it is to let audience take delight in talking about more, everybody gasps in admiration in succession, be worthy of is ordinary members of theatrical troupe of actor of a gleam of, those who act is good. The national mom Zhang Kaili in connecting masses impression also with be different from completely before the part appears, your everybody plaints in succession when watching opera, “This or that triumphant beautiful elder sister? “This or that triumphant beautiful elder sister?? 20220213021602 620869e2b0d54 If you also have such feeling, that was opposite, because this is drama in male a Zhou Bingkun is right the first impression of Qu Xiuzhen — do not enrol a person to wait for see, zhang Kaili deduced this well and truly to plant ” rawish feeling ” . 20220213021602 620869e2f16b1 When drama sees Qu Xiuzhen at the beginning of medium Zhou Bingkun, it is not to like her not only, it is look even do not go up she, think she stands high above the masses, order people by gesture, have leadership accent too. Zhou Bingkun does not accept her in the heart not only, still imitate her before our face in the workshop privately, returned Qu Xiuzhen to rise even ” old lady ” byname, in order to convey him of beautiful to music chastity do not look. However of this kind of from an exchange of blows friendship grows germinant, just is buried for follow-up gut development played a hint foreshadowing later developments in a story, zhou Bingkun and his ” 6 lordling ” young associate people, from be fed up with ” old lady ” , to approbate ” old lady ” , arrive again and ” old lady ” become one with, become friendship between generations, walked out of a perfect affection curve, of this curve shove a hand, come from at ” old lady ” of Qu Xiuzhen ” doing ” . 20220213021603 620869e34247d “Be made ” , it is Qu Xiuzhen is opposite ” 6 lordling ” inculcate, openly guiding. She is a leader not only before them, it is an elder more, always exhorting these youths should take the right way, do one’s proper business. Supervising and urge they learn culture, learn a foreign language, run quickly toward higher chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. To these 6 youths, “Old lady ” Qu Xiuzhen is in all the time in that turbulent years namely a bright lamp that guiding them, they abandon slanting without ego not only road, lv Chuan and exposed to the sun still are in even ” old lady ” of Qu Xiuzhen encouraged next taking an examination of to attend a college, changed a destiny. “Be ” it is Qu Xiuzhen when 6 boys face life difficulty, to the has conclusive effect help that they make. Soy factory because of Gong Bin operate by accident caused manufacturing accident, had retreated ” old lady ” appear in trouble spot for a short while, sober ground tells everybody not to complain, want to solve a problem first however, for ” 6 lordling ” one of Cao Debao solved workshop director to surround. Piece alarm when Gong Wei faces the disciplinary action of suspend sb from his duties be demotinged, it is ” old lady ” skill chaired justice, uncle Xiaogong that lets Zhou Bingkun was not punished not only, still rose job instead. These things are not the thing of this canal inside her duty limits, this ” old lady ” look it seems that a little officious, but it is this ” other people’s business ” , let ” old lady ” Leng Xin of Qu Xiuzhen face’s hot image gradually plump rise, the audience also is mixed ” 6 lordling ” same, begin a change to be opposite this ” old lady ” the first impression, be fed up with her no longer not only, breathe out greatly even, of Zhang Kaili this ” old lady ” what Qu Xiuzhen acts is too good, have arrangement too. 20220213021603 620869e382508 With moderner saying says, qu Xiuzhen this ” old lady ” it is to be taken oneself on the body ” contrast bud ” , before the principle absolutely not concede half pace, impartial and incorruptible, do not tell feelings, had not saved oneself marital old horse because of Zhou Bingkun, right his give the wrongdoer a way out, arrange him to the gourmet powder workshop of light province, let him go however the bitterest taphole workshop takes exercise. This 15 years old of veteran cadre that attend revolution, forensic presiding judge is before transfer to a lower level reachs soy plant, lead the gas field of stand by one’s word oneself in the job, the word that speaks in the mouth not only is unassailable, go up in the design of body language repeatedly, zhang Kaili is a flower sufficient of idea. The job since arrangement of music beautiful chastity comes from time to time old hand one brandish, walk along a road to come pace is very rapid with hands clasped behind back, a when take off alive bad and adjacent ” person of of all kinds ” . But furtive in, she mixes grasping elder brother again his associate people arrive home please in, ground of light up with pleasure and boys are saying to heat up word of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy, good wine good vegetable plot is xenial they, in order to express the feeling of pair of gratitude that grasping elder brother helped him man. Fair and illicit entirely different, the person that resembles her is same, it is iron at the same time same hard, it is mud at the same time same soft. 20220213021603 620869e3c1284 Orange gentleman is exclusive welfare! Pay close attention to date of public of orange recreation small letter: (Juziyule) , quick attention rises! But ” old lady ” Qu Xiuzhen is not the ideal person on an absolute sense, also have a few even oneself ” indisposition ” . When leading post to go up, her a bit is mastering his speech impolitely to counterpoise, the look does not get others episode. After be being retreated, although still walk with hands clasped behind back, it is lose of unpleasant attack by surprise of ground of eye of big-eared of foul smell eyebrow however. Can become the man the old horse is incommensurate when emeritus life, on her horse old horse of grand a run on a bank, what when saying I am retreated, suit is much faster, which resemble you. When old stopwatch Yang Lvchuan loves to learn when, she catchs word stubble to say immediately, I let them learn this. Pardonable the eldest sister of female singer of introducer gold month that connects she and old horse says, “The defect that ditty loves ego this to praise did not change a few years ” . With the husband get angry of her meeting get into a huff resembles a child when play chess, in no time is entertained ” 6 lordling ” when insurgent region wears passion everybody reads aloud Chairman Mao ” predict functor ยท to chant a plum ” , before lens of appear vividly of figure of a when take off alive good eldest sister. The give up of mouth of face boast go into business before the husband vows solemnly when smoke, can carry the husband on the back to grab again cigarette case is put in nose next devouringly Wen Weier. The depict of these vivid character details, let an audience plaint in succession ” the music secretary of Zhang Kaili personate is too lovely also ” , ” the atmosphere that music secretary is complete theatrical work simply takes on! Let an audience plaint in succession ” the music secretary of Zhang Kaili personate is too lovely also ” , ” the atmosphere that music secretary is complete theatrical work simply takes on!! 20220213021604 620869e40ee1b To the character model, staying between tine of eyebrow eye lip only is far insufficient, when Zhou Bingkun for Gong the issue of dimension criterion begs her, when she was smoking smoke to think up the tweak that helps Gong Wei criterion eventually, sufficient skip of glad and procurable dance, must let Zhou Bingkun take her with the bicycle, fell however admire 8 fork greatly, when Zhou Bingkun pulls her, did not take care to cry face to face ” old lady ” , refuse to obey she old immediately glare became round eye Zhou Bingkun choke go back, roll a head again when pop-up bicycle backlash, it is all over the face ” you see me far from old, I am special row ” jauntily. It is bold that this paragraph design has to say, want to know, zhang Kaili already year nearly 60, it is a youth no longer after all, this falls to although particularly can good the earth’s surface shows character nature,jump, also not be a simple thing however. Fall should fall lubberly, jump should jump gently to save, show between proper limits for speech or action go out, it is a good actor the control force to body. 20220213021604 620869e450008 Qu Xiuzhen has big this again already on the destiny close greatly, there is an advantage already on disposition the character of a little small blemish, in Zhang Kaili deduce next lifelike becoming, vivid, let an audience look to like more more, it is even fell in love with this to having girl heart ” old lady ” , breathe out continuously young state carries like doing a woman to want to resemble Qu Xiuzhen namely. “Revolutionary person is young forever ” this word, use in Qu Xiuzhen the appropriate on this person body. Zhang Kaili already show old revolution upright not the wind of A model, also show revolutionary person always emulative young interest. So rich fill colorific person again, invite an audience again how can not assist. 20220213021604 620869e491dc2 To the actor, every approach a part, it is the process that the breakthrough is restricted oneself, want oneself and an another person be in harmony to be an organic whole, go showing him (she) life experience and disposition, those who say is easy, do do not have however so simple. Going up somehow say, act 40 years to having so like Zhang Kaili art experience, for the old actor of render outstanding service and be famous more difficult perhaps, the figure that because act in 40 years,passes is too much, modelled a few large volume small, the woman figure figure with disparate style. The figure figure that is approved by the audience is too much also, no matter be ” yearn for ” medium Liu Huifang, or ” we marry ” medium mother-in-law, left indelible impression to the audience, formed an audience even to Zhang Kaili the inflexible memory of this individual, think Zhang Kaili should be Liu Huifang in that way, and unaccustomed the change at seeing her. But to the actor, how to break through oneself, jump these figures that emergence is approved by the audience before, let an audience see a brand-new Zhang Kaili, see the creativity of a fine actor and plasticity, the likelihood is the thing that yearns for more in the heart. This is a difficult problem not only, also be a new mountain peak, because Liu Huifang has been the existence of a milepost type, represented the collective memory of a times even, want to had climbed this mountain, go capturing again another hill, need boldness, need courage, still need to let the determination that the audience sees Zhang Kaili always goes on a long journey, make even even a few ” sacrifice ” , this ” sacrifice ” break the good person figure that keeps in audience memory before namely, let oneself become so not good, so not perfect. Figure of a part wants to accomplish real thorough will of people, be willing to part with or use ” I ” , ability becomes that ” horn ” ah! 20220213021604 620869e4d7641 Orange gentleman is exclusive welfare! Pay close attention to date of public of orange recreation small letter: (Juziyule) , quick attention rises!

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