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Original title: Heat up Ba Yi region to dress up, region of Zhao Liying different is dressed up, region dresses up Liu Shi Shiyi, not as colourful as her Jing ” the predestined relationship surprises in wind ” in Dilireba the black horse female singer of personate, this is the ancient costume drama that Dilireba and Yu Yan of Liu Shishi, Peng and Hu Ge cooperate first times. She be face of different region amorous feelings originally, after the dress that puts on different region style, deserve to go up again simple weak makeup let a person shine at the moment.

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Be in ” the legend of sword a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of record of Sichuan hill war ” in the jade of Zhao Liying personate is inadvertently, the jade in drama is inadvertently, beautiful colourful unsurpassed is extremely beautiful, Zuo moves a mythical bird like the phoenix to fly idea is exquisite. Bearing the responsibility that revenges for the mother from pee, jade is inadvertently as a woman, nature is to hope to be able to get the official on father alarm my excuse, so all the time since to go up official alarm my command is from.

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Be in ” the Tian Zhihen of sword of thill of a small room ” in the develop postscript jade of Liu Shishi personate, in jade of postscript of the develop in drama disposition lively, ice and snow is clever, clear pure beauty, skill is decisive, with poisonous competence excel in. Humanness is emulative, do not agree to admit defeat, look be like Gu Ling essence to blame, actually serious situation is serious justice, for clansman can break through brambles and thorns-hack one’s way through difficulties, for friend and beloved person, need not dread sacrifices.

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Piece act ” east palace ” the Peng Xiaoran of heroine Qu Xiaofeng, modelling of princess of this different race is to suit her too really. Actually, female advocate ” Qu Xiaofeng ” Peng Xiaoran of the person that act is compared in reality ” Li Cheng Yin ” Chen Xingxu of the person that act became big full 6 years old, but do not look completely in drama to give the age to differ, super instead feeling having Cp, here must praise Peng Xiaoran’s acting, obviously already 29 years old, ideal however explanation goes out ” small maple ” childlike, do not know well the girl feeling of affairs of human life, yan Zhi arrives more high let a person lick screen!

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