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Original title: Be not valued however 5 drama that fire must be in a complete mess, especially last! Have a kind of such appearances, brought numerous star, cost a large number of manpower and material resources to make conduct propaganda, but it is so luxurious battle array, viewing rate however all the time very low, look without the person almost and heat, for instance ” flourishing age grows a song ” , viewing rate is very gloomy, sow compared with heat ” the strategy that delay happiness ” and ” if exemplary,pass ” poor is not a tiny bit, more a lot of netizens may have not heard of the name of this drama, you want to be less than this drama absolutely is exceed than wearing ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” those who go.

20220213021629 620869fd56f30

Want to say this drama is patted well, that is to be patted very well absolutely. When many characters should appearing in the picture especially, can discover even the horn side those small part has show very much, this drama, even if be a young actor only, have chain rarely. Technical measure and actor performance supplement each other bring out the best in each other, watch process eye all the time very comfortable, this kind comfortable it is need of a lot of detail cooperate to build, become really case ” delicate ” 2 words. And some drama are in at the beginning when spit groove by the netizen, be not valued, but arrived to broadcast truly when however of fire be in a complete mess, these drama also got of the netizen chase after hold in both hands, have more very person broadcasting a few days short time is broken of 100 million.

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But it is this the ministry opens the chamfer before sowing to choose full theatrical work, after sowing, leaving is fire arrives to talk simply muddleheaded, go up to sow in the net a few days short broadcasted a quantity to be achieved 1.1 billion breathtaking, and the netizen of the original Yang Zi that spit groove also speaks highly of Yang Zi in succession, yang Zi also depends on white Yao Yaoyi horn is obtained reputably, good by boast acting still.

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” the strategy that delay happiness ” , the strategy that delay happiness is very exquisite to the psychological depict of a lot of characters, the audience moves very easily affection, the love hate that feels a part is crazy tangle, the heart affection of diagonally color is the same as experience, experience them hold read aloud, love to be not gotten, what lot misses is regretful, woman role is the puppet of a Gong Dou no longer, however the fresh person that vivid has the spirit purposely. What Nie Yuan’s emperor acts is really very assist, those who make me quite amazed, looked last year premonitory when, still spit groove how to look for a so old actor, but complete this year road turns pink ah, acting too assist, particularly essence of life enrages a god, hand of with one action of that gas field is cast sufficient all show imperial wind model, the actor that still is inland as expected performs an emperor most belt feeling, have imperial romantic charm most.

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” hunt of day hole eagle ” , the connotation of this drama is very rich, of origianl work and staff member it is OK in drama to pay reflect, about the actor, male perhaps advocate it is Wang Junkai, a lot of people ask to his metropolis comparing is the same as age the demand of new student actor is high, because originally to some concepts are known and forget an actor to throw a part to him,have some of person even, throw a part truly when you, the new student actor that you can discover 18 years old oneself and Zhang Baoqing this individual with one one’s heart endeavors ground be in harmony is an organic whole, resource does him bravely to consider the business that do, still very vivid and argute expression and the movement that reach the designated position are behaved very well, careful understanding can know he is northeastern bubble is in water a few hours, falling to be aed string of 1 on the rope a few hours, this is the manner of new era actor, showing what come out now is distinct the result that yields a person blend in story clue, anyhow, this drama has a hotspot very.

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