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Original title: She ever was known as ” the queen that suffer from affection ” , colour value acting is not defeated by Tong Liya, do not have play to be able to be patted however nowadays The everybody that treats teleplay knows, if an actor can encounter a good work, teleplay fire, often can drive an actor to explode then fire. For instance ” 30 just ” this drama, because drama is too hot, connect the minor minor role inside forest have have also follow fire, forest acknowledge of countryman of the person that have some acting is spent very tall.

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Although forest it is not quite good to have some parts, but depend on this drama fire however, welcomed more opportunities. But in circle of movie and TV, classics regular meeting has the actor with not red a favourite by sb in power of a few play, because differentiate,this kind of actor is had a plenty of degree not tall, but because,some is too low-key. Small today make up this actress that should say, yanzhi and acting are online, it is to belong to the actor with the sort of play not red a favourite by sb in power.

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You see her face can consider the role that she has performed, but if you want to say who she is, however a lot of people do not know, this person is Guo Zhenni. Guo Zhenni speaks of this name, probably a lot of people understand not quite, but the picture that sees her, the part that you can think of to she is acted.

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Guo Zhenni has acted a lot of parts, inchoate moment, guo Zhenni gives the first theatrical work that perform is ” dummy bride ” . The part that although Guo Zhenni is female in drama,distributes, but because him acting is very good, also gained particular audience edge.

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Guo Zhenni holds the position of heroine again later, acted the leading role ” wet nurse ” this part, inchoate moment, the teleplay that Guo Zhenni receives is bitter affection drama commonly. So Guo Zhenni once was known as ” the queen that suffer from affection ” , piece had performed a lot of bitter affection to make fun of, guo Zhenni’s acting is first-rate also, tear says to be dropped.

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But relative to Yu Guozhen the bitter affection of Neon makes fun of, everybody prefers to see personate of Guo precious Neon the part of the sort of coquettish beauty. Guo Zhenni is in ” Tian Shizhong thoroughfares ” in this teleplay, give the fox bewitching figure in performing an unit theatrical work.

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Although fox bewitching of Guo Zhenni is being worn austere, but the evil spirit be puzzled that there is fox bewitching in eyebrow eye, because Neon of this Guo precious also is having ” inherent obsequiousness ” title. Can explain ” inherent obsequiousness ” title, gave fox bewitching besides, the Zhao Gede of personate of Guo precious Neon more can very good explanation ” fawn on and not bewitching ” this word.

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Everybody has seen most propbably ” mother appearance the world ” , the summit of Yan Zhi summit that a lot of people say to Tong Liya is in this drama. Tong Liya is in drama of personate is ancient time can be mixed 4 great beauties’ eponymous Zhao Feiyan, tong Liya is in the condition in this drama is very good, drew a lot of people.

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But compared with Zhao Feiyan for, the Zhao Gede in drama is apparent more absorbing, can the better eyeball that captures people. The Zhao Gede in drama is personate of You Guozhen Neon, in imperial eye, zhao Gede is the beauty of an extremely delicate.

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But leave an emperor, among the palace after arriving, zhao Gede became a cruel and evil imperial concubine, shade firm is crafty, circumvent emperor child. In this drama, guo Zhenni’s acting and Yan Zhijun are not defeated by Tong Liya.

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If you think the Guo Zhenni that changes antediluvian outfit suits a coquettish beauty only, so you are wrong. ” step by step Jing heart ” conflagration when, believe a lot of people are right green overgrown with weeds this part is impressive, very feel distressed this woman. Although green overgrown with weeds is a capital in the center ” elegant prostitute ” , but green overgrown with weeds makes a person use a facial expression however to the sort of love of 13 father.

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Opposite for, green overgrown with weeds is one is learned and courteous more have affection justice person, cast lake take one’s own life for love finally. One is cruel and evil the Zhao Gede that is oneself only, one is goodness of a person’s mind, the green overgrown with weeds with consummate love. Two differ completely, it is the person of two kinds of extremes even, what be explained by Guo Zhenni is first-rate.

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On the body of green overgrown with weeds, our a bit did not see a bit Zhao Gede’s sign. When seeing teleplay at that time even, just feel green to the act person of overgrown with weeds has bit of look familiar, who is be unable to call to mind however. In the search on the net ability knows is Guo Zhenni, must say, guo Zhenni is to belong to the actor with the sort of play not red a favourite by sb in power really.

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Although Guo Zhenni goes out,those who act is costar, but every costar gave the soul, each part won’t have a bit figure of other part. ” Hua Xu is brought ” everybody knows, although very much big Ga gathers, but still keeping out this however is one rots piece fact. Although ” Hua Xu is brought ” this teleplay not up to much, but the acting of the Guo Zhenni in drama makes a person praise however.

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In this drama, a person goes Guo Zhenni perform two roles, same it is Gao Lengying energy of life is very, another is extremely effeminate. In same dress, under same makeup look, guo Zhenni is an eyes merely, with respect to the inner world that can let everybody see this person.

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Guo Zhenni accomplished one person really 1000, a person is OK personate a variety of parts, guo Zhenni’s plasticity is very strong. Guo Zhenni goes out 15 years, pat play to have 11 years, guo Zhenni still once was spoken by Wang Han, not be to be in Hengdian, on the road that goes to Hengdian again namely.

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Guo Zhenni goes out had performed a lot of ancient costume theatrical work, say Guo Zhenni should be met nowadays normally very fire just is opposite. But rather is, in those days the Guo Zhenni that Yan Zhi acting is not defeated by Tong Liya, do not have play to be able to be patted however nowadays.

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Because Guo Zhenni’s humanness is more low-key,be actually, do not enter program of put together art, did not have luminosity exposing to the sun, so Guo Zhenni all the time not lukewarm not fire. The Guo Zhenni nowadays has had work to appear rarely, had arrived not to have the room for action that play can take.

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Also hope Guo Zhenni can return to circle of movie and TV to take sport again here, resemble her after all the actor that each such parts do not act drama, group of movie and TV is little really nowadays little.

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