Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: King crane profit exceeds perform new theatrical work female, netizen: See male advocate it is him, this drama was chased after Huang Zitao came to to make a person fill the theatrical work of movie and TV that expect again, with beautiful she what have actual strength again cooperates, a lot of people saw what here thinks of certainly is, ” just do not talk about love with the boss ” take sport besides Song Zuer by Huang Zitao, the likelihood can broadcast very quickly. (of course, this drama is not the part that we basically introduce. )

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King crane embellish, believe many netizens have say hear of, she is small rich has millions of vermicelli made from bean starch, she gives the theatrical work of movie and TV that perform to also be absent a few, among them ” know to deny, know to deny ” the Cheng Hualan in, miss Cheng Jiada everybody should not unfamiliar, ” my queen that cut price ” the Fu Shuangshuang in, ability of king crane embellish is affirmed by netizens, believe the Huang Zitao that take sport this ” sweet you ” regular meeting has a hotspot very much.

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To actor king crane, overall acting and colour value respect are perfectly, this drama is it is setting around puppy, huang Zitao goes out perform a president, with female advocate accidental acquaintance, in slowly among the contact male advocate imperceptible liked to go up female advocate, the relation of two people also produced delicate change between exert a subtle influence on, netizen: Seeing is this drama believes Huang Zitao pretty good, I was chased after.

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The article had ended to here, believe this drama can appear very quickly in the screen, the cause that wishs them is better and better, what to have different point of view welcomes lower part discussion

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