Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Zhi of 3 edition week is like big marriage: Tall round round edition resembles toxic, the glare that new edition enrages, and this edition is very beautiful

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Above all the first when we see Zhou Zhi that is edition of tall round circle if, everybody knows tall round circle is called ” national goddess ” , and her facial features also grows very delicately, all the time since everybody feels she is very tender, and she is become in drama when big marriage, see Zhang Moji is reaved by Zhao Min the instant is black change, became next greatly the lip of sootiness makeup and amaranth, look special picture toxic.

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The 2nd when next we see is new edition ” lean on a day ” medium Zhou Zhi if, she is personate of You Zhuxu red, regard new Xiaohua as dawn, she challenges this part to have difficulty very much really, and appearance of itself of red wishing mood is very melting, it is when her in drama black when changing, we can see she is enraged continuously clearly glare, but makeup appearance was not changed, make a lot of netizens straight say she is not quite fierce!

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If,what greet our eye finally is the Zhou Zhi of She Shiman edition, everybody knows to regard harbor as the She Shiman of elder sister, acting all the time first-rate, and she colour cost is very high, it is when her in drama personate when this extract, still be so beautiful as before, lovely appearance returns those who win a lot of audiences to sympathize with, look the title of goddess does not come in vain.

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