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Original title: He acts ” fool ” tierce is obtained inspect the Supreme Being, the wife is ” on the west travel notes ” red child, today female complete in both respects Everybody knows recreational group performs the actor that is not short of good inside art circle, those who be short of is everybody cannot see these good actors, perhaps be about to forget a few once the actress with superb acting, do not say good actor of inland first, everybody estimates understand somewhat.

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That considers those good actors that review TVB back and forth, actually the actor of respecting TVB, if have,give those who had performed a few theatrical work only, often perhaps see, everybody has impression, after all the actors of TVB are opposite for for outback actor, without many so, or the audience of actor great majority of TVB of that is to say people know.

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Remember those TVB that look before are classical drama, be thorough popular feeling really, but the good actor that there is a lot of now is forgotten quickly, guo Jin An is a typical case, respecting he, a lot of people are very familiar, think of hard to avoid thinks of those who act to he goes out namely ” fool ” A Wang, can saying is to go out performed marrow, very rare actor can accomplish him this appearance, this part also brought a lot of opportunities to him, he is in for the first time teleplay ” Gang husband becomes dragon ” in the Zhi Zhangding Chang Wang of personate, gained the attention of a lot of people, authority is clear write down those who get him to go out act, make moving heart exceedingly, also look to come out his acting is spotless.

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Depend on this part also conflagration, also obtained inspect the Supreme Being, later again piece act ” A Wangxin is passed ” personate a fool, it is a show more marrow, let audience feeling be the same as experience, this he obtained optimal hero with masterly acting again again, a lot of people are the part that depending on a few to carry or villain in drama scores a success, and Guo Jin An is however score so great success because of personate fool, more in the teleplay later ” faithful serpent ” , obtained optimal hero again, tierce is obtained inspect the Supreme Being, must say he also is the good actor of TVB count as one of the best.

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Before still having ” the world the first ” , his part inside also attracted a lot of audiences, this is the drama that lets everybody remember profundity, the Guo Jin An previously also is the husband in TVB small was born, give the film teleplay that act countless, nevertheless present Guo Jin An did not have so tall person to enrage it seems that, but also have all the time in piece histrionic, compared with this, domesticity appears more make him sweet, her wife also is an actor, in 98 years ” on the west travel notes ” inside the red child of personate one horn, also be a very pretty good actress.

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Two people 06 when the wedding that holds field in the Dishinile of Hong Kong, also be a very special wedding, the Guo Jin An of nowadays is described with children complete in both respects also should be not exaggerated, son daughter is particularly lovely, what hope more nevertheless is, his better work can see later.

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