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Original title: The episode inside which teleplay are the cloud and sea? The cloud and sea are the episode inside teleplay coloured glaze. This teleplay puts beautiful on the ice to act the leading role by Cheng Yi, Yuan, it is teleplay of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being of a black unreal, told about all previous of leading role of male and female to take love story eventually via 10 worlds, earn sufficient the tear of the audience, the process is however too cruel heart.

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Hero Yu Sifeng is a phoenix of the sky originally, became after reincarnation from lustre palace child; The androgynous Ares general that Ji of Xuan of heroine a surname is the sky originally collect larynx plan, because be lost by white emperor circumvent 6 knowledge, reincarnation becomes Zhu Xuan Ji. Two people are between every flounder 10 worlds, ji of final Zhu Xuan sought 6 sign, love each other with Yu Sifeng, two people defy together the bigger plot that comes from day group.

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Zhu Xuan Ji and collect larynx plan be a person? Zhu Xuan Ji and collect larynx plan it is a person, it is the relation of preexistence this life. Collect larynx plan belong to long Luo Yi a group of things with common features, it is androgynous all the time. He junior at that time, when Bai Di is being encountered first, be attracted, stay in the middle of forhead so. Because too too trustful Bai Di, collect larynx plan a bit did not guard against by Bai Di circumvent, the mind after dying by seal, 10 worlds all are reincarnation be illogical the person of love, encounter phoenix to dissolve everything finally.

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What is the big ending of coloured glaze? In the big final result with final coloured glaze, to save the world common people, yu Sifeng suffers serious injury to be about to die, collect larynx plan gave him him coloured glaze heart to save phoenix, drop into metempsychosis afresh together with Bai Di next.

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