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Original title: The actress name that cooperates with Hu Ge reads aloud hard, play fire, person name is done not have however red Recreational group has a very strange appearance, although some actors took a few sport only all one’s life, however can famous stand 10 thousand. And some actors although very hard, took a lot of sport, but do not have after all red. And an actor and Hu Ge had taken sport, this play also very fire, just this heroine name is too abstruse, pure belonging to is rare word, so play acts, but the name of this individual was not remembered by the audience, she became moustache to the song cooperates exclusively and did not bring red performer, this actor is Jian Renzi.

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Jian Renzi still is very lucky actually, because received a show when she just went out, this play is called ” on of wrong bridal sedan chair marry strange predestined relationship ” . After that the play of war of duty field trade that she and Hu Ge act the leading role together ” shooting ” very suffer everybody to welcome, in drama she acts collect Yi person, it is the girlfriend of the Zheng Qiudong that Hu Ge acts. When actually everybody is seeing this play, be attracted deeply by place of clue of the story in drama. The acting that also is Jian Renzi and introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad song at the same time is convinced, the love story that a lot of audiences show collect Yi person and Zheng Qiu Dong too anxious.

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Hu Ge’s acting must not say, the viewing rate of a lot of teleplay that act giving before him also is very tall, from before drama of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword is passed ” in those who act Gu Ling essence to blame plum free, arrive ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” the Mei Changfeng of midleg Zhi Duomou, notting have is not the part that everybody likes. Hu Ge goes out old, with masterly acting, the actress that has cooperated with him almost is taken red, but Jian Renzi is an exception however.

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Jian Renzi is being chosen to be ” shooting ” before medium heroine, she gave a lot of effort, be in ” shooting ” before switching on the mobile phone, the director returns in the person selected that is heroine kink, although around tries the actress of lens to have ten, but of neither one and his intention. Ability somebody thought of Jian Renzi later, although many play performed before her, but be considered as new personality by everybody, because of the name too awkward-sounding.

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” shooting ” when just broadcasting, the Rhea’s person that netizen of a lot of people shows her personate and Hu Ge do not have CP to feel originally more but character, but the development as gut, she is approbated with what her actual strength won an audience, finish perfect counterattack. Expression of appearance of sew of heroine villous themeda is held the position of to highlight in drama, collect Yi person this name is remembered very quickly by others, but the end as gut, a lot of people know the collect Yi person in drama only, and the person that does not know that is called Jian Renzi, because her name is too difficult,wrote down only.

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Must admit, jian Renzi is a very fine actress really, she was paid for the more outstanding rearward that performs the role a lot of. What in drama she locates the part is very accurate, expressional incisively and vividly, oneself best one side shows an audience, but go out old, she however all the time not lukewarm not fire, because this has a netizen to feel she should look for a Great Master change the name, change an everybody to contain catchy name, after all, the actor that gives so much because the name is too rare and be buried discard, too regrettablly.

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