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Original title: ” happy duet ” who masters domestic speech authority, who is the pillar in the home? CCTV broadcasts 8 sets ” happy duet ” had received big final result, tell about the city affection drama that duty field love grows each other as, its story content lets a person shine at the moment. Humanness know a thing or two, everything should contend for a first Liao Sha (Yan Tao is acted the role of) fasten with Buddha hopeful, wife first equation (Sun Yi continent is acted the role of) the one big hotspot that is this drama, this kind female strong male young marriage covers road mode to be in market of current movie and TV still is scarcer.

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2 people experienced a variety of go through the mill and brawl, in understand eventually, marriage is not one the individual’s monodrama, however two people understand each other, mutual valued child, want ability of make concerted effort of both sides of husband and wife to creat happy life. Female strong male live infirmly if law says Liao Sha is the big tiger with bully feral gas, that equation is clever and docile small sheep for certain. On the job, liao Sha continues to hold a title several times sale champion, can sell a company to applaud already the high-quality goods room of draw large audiences, also dare guide the block of flats that the group goes selling keep long in stock 3 years. The person next is to be enraged again to Liao Sha take again, dare anger not dare character.

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Watch equation instead, although the CTO should go up under the help in Liao Sha, but did not lead appearance completely. Do not build assessment system to the group, encounter thing or oneself to carry, mix become so programmer is same. Using his good friend to hold those who lead Dong Boyu concurrently is for the word: Everyday him risk one’s life spells work, brush the buttock for everybody intently, in the end, want a group to do not have a group, want efficiency to do not have efficiency, besides take edge of next good person.

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On the life, be a model then is male advocate inside, female advocate outside. Although him equation also has the job, but his every sky comes off work to cook to Liao Sha even, wash clothes brush the ground, almost all housework is wrapped completely alive. He never grouses, because of happy amid, take care of Liao Sha to let him feel very happy.

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Besides, he still has the person of life interest very much, like to do when leisure cook, raise raise flowers and plants. Liao Sha chooses him, because him disposition is strong,be partly greatly very, and equation bestows favor on be addicted to termlessly to be obedient to, be together with him, liao Sha feels very happy and happy.

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But the person’s demand always is everlasting, common saying says, cannot get be in forever disturbance. Because his hopeful Buddha is fastened,be together with equation is, countless brawl from the back also are the disposition because of him. Female strong male live infirmly mode lets Liao Sha have very speech to counterpoise, in company and home stand by one’s word, dan Liaosha feels equation is not begged gradually aspirant, contradictory increase sharply. Liao Sha gets cancer, go all out without what the predestined relationship admires Liao Sha of chief inspector position in the heart wanting to change a big house at her, and the chief inspector position of equation was not protected again, derive from personal effort only so. The land that then she selected keep long in stock of a company boldly 3 years, preparation sells a house inside, distinguish oneself, let a boss be sincerely convinced the ground gives her the seat that sells chief inspector.

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However the day fails the person wishs, the company is airborne another chief inspector. This lets Liao Sha have affliction talk however nowhere breaks out. And this newcome chief inspector is aimed at Liao Sha everywhere, even built on stilts her position. Grey meaning of deserted Sha heart is cold, think housewife of homeward front courtyard transforms even, however misfortunes never come singly, she was sufferred from to go up by fish again breast cancer.

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A series of the thought that blow let Liao Sha lose subsist, she is not willing to go to a hospital treating, want to leave equation and parents money only. During this, equation never has abandoned her, no matter be her,the job suffers a defeat, or from the back be sufferred from to have cancer by fish. He stands beside him all the time, encourage her, comfort her, and him introspection has what inadequacy in marriage. Promising, equation just is friend of become reconciled of equation of course of the pillar in the home is ceaseless persuade, liao Sha went to a hospital treating eventually, the result is by diagnose however black dragon incident. Surviving Liao Sha and equation drew a lesson, realised respective inadequacy, ground of Liao Sha rally returned working station, before equation changes slack, two people collective for better life struggle.

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As the progress of economic development and times, difference of male and female is less and less, also appear gradually now male advocate inside, female advocate the marital mode outside. Post exchange, let people more the hardships that experienced family, of the job not easy. Because he cannot give Liao Sha enough safe sense,equation realised, so her ability is such desperately ambitious. So he begins to work hard, strive for breakfast to change big house, realize Liao Sha’s dream. And Liao Sha also understands he forces apiration to equation body, this is wrong, everybody is those who differ is individual, each initiative brandish strong point good.

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Make money to have the speech in the home to counterpoise more, be the pillar in the home? I feel is not, probably economic position can decide domestic position, but can have carried storm, firm stable stays in this home just be pillar probably. Resemble Liao Sha, after experience is so eventful, she just knows, if do not have equation she is early prop up no less than going to.

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The pillar in the home, it is to point to after encountering a thing, dying is not random, the person that stays in whole home firmly, he is in, you feel to set one’s mind at, the day does not collapse to come down. And this individual, do not divide a men and women, each family has.

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