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Original title: This drama 19 years ago, actor of male and female is summit of Yan Zhi summit, regrettablly ending is too regretful Speak of cruel to love, in a lot of teleplay nowadays to attract eyeball, it is for cruel cruel, do not have a bit hotspot completely, can make an audience drab only, where to equal of teleplay of our childhood period classical. Although the teleplay volume number in those days is short, but every collect is a hotspot, cannot help doing sth letting a person. Small today make up this theatrical work that says to everybody to broadcasted 2000 namely ” the piscine beauty of fokelore of heaven and earth ” , up to now already 19 years, believe to many young associate had looked, still remember among them gut?

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This drama is by Xu Huaiyu, Guo the couplet such as Jin An, Sun Li is sleeved main actor, it is modern drama of a god, in this drama although Sun Li is not heroine, but her Yan Zhi is summit summit absolutely, more female than Xiaolong period is even good-looking, she is in drama the peony of young lady gold that of personate is home of a gold.

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And the heroine small lotus of the story is main actor of You Xuhuai hard gold, xu Huaiyu’s appearance is very sapid still, small lotus grows in the carp milt of golden government office as in drama, very the love that admiring peony and Zhang Zi swim, of one mind wants to match two people, but but destiny embarrass, peony is forced be married others, in get married distress that day and dead.

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And there still is in drama male a this hill that 2 are Zhang Zhiyao personate, so ” old phoenix is folded colour on god ” young when unexpectedly so handsome! Be worthy of be ancient costume male god really

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There still is person of a villain in drama in drama of course is the Jiang Yunfei of Zheng Jiaying personate, the flesh of male god small delicacy that the Zheng Jiaying in those days also is appropriate appropriate ah, often perform negative character regrettablly.

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And the big final result with this final play is special also sadness, do not have aureola of so called leading role completely, it is a dye-in-the-wood tragedy, female advocate grey flying smoke destroys, male advocate the cut one’s throat that use a sword, died so. But occasionally just is this kind of regretful ability appear whole department theatrical work is more perfect, otherwise the ending that now is end-all, know from the first collect female advocate can be together with who later, what meaning to have again?

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