Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022
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Original title: The Apollo in ancient costume drama, is the director serious? The old handsome young man in those drama, cannot bear orthoptic Everybody should have seen not little ancient costume theatrical work, a lot of teleplay are adapt by the novel, have a few male advocate set is Yan Zhichao’s tall Apollo but some actors are to accord with this set really, netizens often speak: Not be Hua Meinan must act obviously! The orchid hill king that is us above all, orchid hill king is archaic period an Apollo, because face posture is too soft beautiful, he can’t power conspicuous enemy should take the ground on the mask so is not to say Feng Shaofeng is bad to look, however not quite accord with this character role, he too a tough guy, do not reflect the soft beauty that gives orchid hill king!

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Ruan Jingtian also is the actor that everybody likes very much, he acts ” fated I love you ” it is a pink countless ah! He goes out act ” help up shake ” when, the Sun Mo of personate extremely, this part owns immortal good looks, ruan Jingtian will perform true still disappointment having a place

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Everybody knows Wu Jianhao, this his modelling is afraid of was to displease hairstyle division, in teleplay he also is personate an Apollo but it is villain in drama, this his figure does not suit to perform ancient costume really! A bit hot eye, his contemporary theatrical work or pretty are good-looking nevertheless

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Huang Xuan the set of this part is emperor of world of a bend child, whole town is the most beautiful, be stranded. . . . . . This is to joking, although Huang Xuan is not ugly but this tire on this dress collocation, cannot bear orthoptic ah, is whole still town the most beautiful? Was fastened

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Finally this fierce, this part is in Su Yu is such appearance in the novel ” a piece of he is long scarce nice face, nobody can give the world of blue garment charm its are right, arrive tastily acme, appearance is pretty, gentle adn cultivated, demeanour is outstanding, there is chilly Mei Xiang between the garment ” and the Su Yulian in this teleplay is low match edition short of, destroyed everybody simply the Su Yu in the heart

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