Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: Rustic love sows 14 times: Liu Neng had eventually face, xie Da foot is answered forever however did not come! Tonight ” rustic love 14 ” sow, of ivory hill 3 big provoking tycoon of be disgusted with weighs pound regression!

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Liu Neng had eventually face, su Dajiang of one eldest brother still also is in a list of names posted up, thank beetle-crusher to also did not have opportunity and us to meet again however! Awaiting ” countryside loves 14 ” inside a year of broadcasted time, we experienced a lot of things: Because traffic accident left rustic love,thank beetle-crusher, also left to like her filmgoer; Recreational group produced throughout history the biggest shuffle, final large possibility winning the home is Yang Di;

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The world was gotten by the children of abduct the attention of social all circles, but Liu Xuezhou today because cannot get ” ” , chose the life that ends oneself 15 years old; Now day ” countryside loves 14 ” broadcasted eventually, time shifted to an earlier date than in former years a lot of, also not be again however before that mood goes looking! Begin from the first, seeing each is to cherish: I see this Xie Ankun can produce what one moth; Liu Neng can be in to Liu Ying think up what caustic to speak; Zhao Si can bring everybody to more or less be done again laugh at the instant;

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3 tycoons return the ivory hill in those days is kind-hearted and simple farmer image, thank beetle-crusher or figure of woman of thin risible country; In present drama, ivory hill 3 tycoons one to contend for the village, it is to make shade action, caustic is enrolled each; Thanked beetle-crusher to be done not have however, the following ” rustic love ” the ground that may seek theatrical work repeatedly and expect to also be done not have! On one Liu Neng is not Liu Neng inside the ministry, without the front, this Liu Neng came back, the first collect the front that the first picture is Liu Neng;

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Those who thank beetle-crusher to appear is flashy, the broken eye that prevent a tear! The 15th still is had after knowing, did not have Xie Da foot ” countryside loves ” , also did not have what meaning! That everybody is chased after silently with respect to Xian Anan 14, the first collect thanks An Kun to do a business, because of doting grandbaby, remove contradiction with Wang Xiaomeng! This one season reckons the business of Song Xiaofeng and Qing Lian is very much also, this one collect has had contradiction with stepmother!

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Next gut around ” speech contest ” begin, everybody seeks theatrical work together!

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