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Original title: Her collaboration crosses Li Yifeng, had talked about love with Fang Zuming, batter down of good shop sign had become skill to enrage female star The theatrical work of a God that does not know to Xue Kaiqi and Li Yifeng had looked to act the leading role before everybody, the name cries ” true love crammer ” . This drama told a poor young nurse to encounter one each to shut disease talent teenager, those who become him nurse, experienced heavy difficulty, the story that two people are together eventually.

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Li Yifeng is acted inside have shut disease oneself but domestic condition is very rich male advocate, xue Kaiqi is active up, the young nurse of beautiful goodness. Two the individual’s love make a person touch exceedingly in teleplay, because suffer from the person that shuts disease oneself to get along very hard really, what can get him is trustful, and want spend lifetime in all, more extremely difficult.

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The Jiang Xiyu that Li Yifeng performs is foolish in drama foolish, do not like a talk quite lovely still. And be spat what groovy acting feels quite good also in this drama all the time, act true resemble shutting disease patient oneself. Small nevertheless making up what should tell today is not Li Yifeng, what perform this play together with him however is female advocate — Xue Kaiqi.

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Do not know everybody has impression to her, had seen a lot of teleplay that she performs however in one’s childhood, features is especially other also have differentiate degree, not be the sort of belle on traditional sense, look to have temperamental woman student more more however. And before becoming an actor, she still is a singer. Those who be in Hong Kong is famous degree quite tall still.

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The comparison that the singer does later is successful, she begins transition to become an actor, and it is to come inland performs a few teleplay, talk about series of fast annals different classically in one’s childhood, she is in the 3rd milt Bai Qiu is acted to drill in the ministry, a Baiyi is lovely. It is nevertheless in play Xue Kaiqi is the sort of working cheesy, the part of easy goodness, in actual life, she the disposition that because be not denounced,is fond of however, the completely mashed that skill good shop sign hits, give oneself career did not have, and love still has talked with Fang Zuming before her, within an inch of becomes the daughter-in-law of dragon, have a skyrocketing rise.

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They are known twice because of a film at that time, the eyes does not block Fang Zuming likes to hers, should see the metropolis in eye of Xuekai fine jade has tiny spot only the sort of. But Xue Kaiqi is like however all the time not very cares about these, the male boudoir sweet Zhang Jingxuan that still can follow oneself together with Fang Zuming behaves close, disregarded those who reach Fang Zuming to experience.

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Two people are so final also in order to part company wind up, fang Zuming still gave the business of drug taking later, emotional life of Xue Kaiqi also holds out a disorder all the time, often be patted with all sorts of schoolboys the appearance of an always together, she also does not admit to be not denied, slowly also not very is red, still hold out regrettablly.

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