Fri. Sep 30th, 2022
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Original title: Lin Xinru so the backside that go all out, to prove to to who look be? Actual strength is very fundamental Lin Xinru so the backside that go all out, to prove to to who look be? Actual strength is very fundamental to 90 say later, annual summer vacation has surely broadcasting is for certain ” return Zhugege ” , because this everybody also remembers a few main actors, among them classical one of namely ” crape myrtle ” one horn. To this year, “Crape myrtle ” Lin Xinru also 46 years old, so 45 years old before in work respect also be cautious and conscientious, it’s hard to say has really ” explode paragraph ” creation. Till last year ” colorfully decorated lantern ” show, everybody begins afresh this already actress of 45 years old, she what did not think of this age erupts force is so powerful. It is reported, this work is him Lin Xinru acts the leading role not only, still be producer. It is him investment, oneself act the leading role, “Work ” still give a group this very not easy.

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And some have a few doubt, lin Xinru 45 years old so go all out? From the amusement inside stage amusement contrast, tell the truth or see what can have compared very hard. To this, lin Xinru ever expressed: I am not the person of an admit defeat, I should be done do bravely, him proof looks to a few people. Be to prove to to who look? Many netizens guess is Huo Jianhua.

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After two person marriage are delivered of a daughter, emotional cat-and-dog news all the time frequency has come out, do not have the evidence that wants 2 embryoes more. To ” colorfully decorated lantern ” this not work, lin Xinru can say was to leave original capital, total investment is close 60 million be her completely, such determination is very difficult look on the feminine body of this age get.

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Nevertheless, also I hope the actual strength of Lin Xinru oneself is excellently, new work not only public praise is good, grading this respect is very OK also, can saying is very god-given success. No matter be to prove to look to who, this she is already successful.

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