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Original title: In drama of those movie and TV female 2 acted female one, grab the actress of limelight, who do you like most? Have inside circle of movie and TV so a word, no matter role size wants to deduce only wonderful enough give prize, this one word applies to a lot of fine actors, do not say those our home can say ” play essence ” old artists, we say that is forced to pat because of duty Wu problem a lot of sodden piece Hollywood shadow emperor Nigulasikaiji, a lot of people admit him is sodden really piece king, however the acting that neither one person goes denying him, because be,be in sodden piece in, this shadow emperor also can depend on the force of oneself to become the exclusive hotspot in this film. This namely why, lie between when old later after the Nigulasikaiji that pays off debt turns over once more, the reason with so much very excited audience.

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The star that there is a lot of in present recreational group is very persistent be in at oneself in a film time, got really it seems that so called 2 later, oneself are in the extent that authority is approved in memory is true as this 2 general, actually everybody cares finally do not pass or you give us the performance work over level, those are so called the group that contending for a method is these star nevertheless people to carry oneself social status and of the increase that cause contend for just. Nevertheless, it is it may not be a bad idea of drama of movie and TV now, put together art had begun to be restricted salary system, even if grab came so called Ga if do not have the actual strength that comparative, the Ga that who cares about you really again.

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We will list the actual strength that what actress depends on her to succeed ” on ” , let what are oneself approbated? Above all the first, I am to should list the near future certainly in some depend on on put together art ” fine division division ” the Wang Yan that one horn causes nostalgic wind once more, it is only namely at the beginning actually ” return Zhugege ” a dancer inside the play staff, accident be fined jade precious jade take a fancy to those who entered oneself to fine jade precious jade acting training class, became widely known so ” fine division division ” , go out after energy of life of after this person is rising acted ” outside Wu Lin history ” , actually the homonymic novel of Gu Long of fictionist of Hong Kong famous knight-errant adapts this film, female one is Zhu Qiqi originally.

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The Zhu Qiqi in drama at that time is new personality, just everybody is certain now won’t unfamiliar, she is ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” in hate letting a person gets gnash already kind-hearted and generous selfish and complex arrive this world grows Yan of official position , also can see her wonderful show in the much ministry teleplay of after this, just in those days Wang Yan’s Bai Feifei is to be modelled too well really, so that the audience is of lean to one side more,like Bai Feifei this part.

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Actually of Huang Xiaoming version ” day dragon 8 ” it is controversy is ceaseless all the time, once had evaluated Huang Xiaoming to perform Yang Guo with respect to Mr Lian Jinyong too too fat, although the fine-looking Yi Fei that be like Liu, the masses still also feels to become her first age is too small maintain do not rise ” small Long Nv ” this part, the United States is beautiful not ” small Long Nv ” feel in all. It is the Yang Mi of new personality actor however instead, deduce assist of Guo of small Dong Xie Qing Dynasty is purely pure and fresh, look over making a person is unforgettable.

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At that time ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” agitation did not pass, back-to-back ” the person that pretend ” go, the Jin Dong inside, Hu Ge, Wang Kai 3 brother are so intact the camouflage that performing subterranean party resists day of big play, and come on the stage at the beginning the Yu Manli that becomes bright stage classmate and partner, no matter be Yanzhi and CP feeling are tie-in,be in a complete mess, the result is killed however when giving Cheng to bite the Cheng Jinyun with general gold, let too much person feel very accept hard, although know,be for gut service, also be hard to avoid feels far-fetched.

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” inadvertently rabbi ” medium Yue Qi collect, colourful unsurpassed of Jing of black hair of a suit red garment, fang Buddha a large ghost baby beggar is general secretive, this like no matter be,loving the Chou Dou that hate feeling very definitely absolutely callous part, it is the dress color that foils so that heroine follows her really same plain and neat, even if the top of head is worn the aureola of heroine also cannot Luo Zi of figured woven silk material of shake high mountain ah the impressions in audience memory.

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When I want to be able to a lot of people see this headline, what regular meeting mentions is Yu Zheng edition ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” , this teleplay is afraid also can be to made Mr Jin Yong not be fond of a most, want in Xu Ke actually at the outset ” east is indefectible ” when this part sheet is gotten, Jin Yong does not like very much, but sequel this film ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” in of dispute of the sort of all corners of the country trival mentioned updated height with the original idea of disgust, instead of Mr Jin Yong is what to to say. But the east of old Jon is indefectible it is itself made the plot of a play alter greatly, plus hero Huo Jianhua and the relation that old Jon is friend of predecessor men and women, more foil Buddha of Fang of Shan of heroine Yuan Shan is transparent and commonly, say so, how does the part never mind, the most important still is actual strength and acting.

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