Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Who is gold needs the wording and purpose of what one writes takes one old evil person? This thing has him to dare be done only, who is seeing her Everybody knows to there is leading role to have minor role inside a novel, have decent have negative character, and to portraiture of villain in drama also be to be able to see actually the place with a whether brilliant old practice, after all if full piece the article is honest person, so we also are to do not have what meaning it seems that, such article is afraid can be used on conduct propaganda namely.

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And the novel of Mr Jin Yong, the to villain in drama what depict in his story is exceedingly wonderful, several altogether in 15 work, the amount of villain in drama probably too won’t little, but it is good that Mr Jin Yong is done enoughly however to the inner depict of their each individual content. And the main reason that the novel that this also is him can be adapted to become the film, teleplay all the time. If respecting gold needs,be the biggest in the novel only an old bad person, who is what everybody can think of. Can say everybody can think of these evil person, they have the reason that belongs to themselves probably, but can be not accepted by common people place, so they make these issues that come, looking as before in our eye is such evil.

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And I think all gold need in work who should a worst and worst person be, that is about to counted the Ling Tui in the bid farewell that connect a city to think of. The bid farewell that connect a city is a novelette of Mr Jin Yong, its unlike shoots vulture trilogy same, each have the space of 1 million words. We know to a kind of literature calls gray literature, this is a society in energy not quite those who advocate, but it is a lot of anger blueness however people be willing to write quite, because receive the place with social the the deepest, darkest ground floor continuously only, we just can see this society is after all how.

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And Mr Jin Yong is in this novel, brought a story that is evil person almost with respect to us. In this work, we can see good person, although have, but not much, and these good person more or less sufferred torment, endured hardship, can come down alive finally not much also, and Mr Jin Yong also gives these old evil person one time to complete collapse in terminal point sexual tragedy.

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The bid farewell that connect a city is the first novel of Mr Jin Yong that I see, this novel is in after I looked at that time, do not feel to have how beautiful, but Ling Tui considers among them evil person is to let me feel more too numerous to record, he to get money, want to get connecting the tremendous treasure inside clew of city bid farewell, and the time that stayed several years in Jing Zhou all the time, and still locked up be in charge of with the man that the daughter likes each other, every day nocturnal night ground torments him ceaselessly. He was in stifle of his while still alive of one’s own daughter later inside bier, connect the Ding Dian of city bid farewell to can let mastering namely, before coming over, look, good the secret that gets treasure from which. Such evil person is afraid of is indulge in of the metropolis after dying inside 18 hell, aeon not answer. And I treat it as the oldest evil person in novel of Mr Jin Yong, do not know everybody view how?

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