Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Yan Zhigao figure is conspicuous, what ever sufferred Hu Ge is complimentary, belt endowment is entered group however still not fire! We know, want be special difficulty to become a very fierce actor nowadays, want to obtain the jubilation of the audience as an actor, besides the appearance that has had and very strong actual strength, the most important still need very good audience reason. If you have good appearance only, and dependable all the time acting, but not any audience predestined relationship, so that arrive,still can be called by people finally vase

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Be in deducing also is very difficult development on this road so. And what we should say today is a such female star, her appearance condition and actual strength are exceedingly pretty good, from go out to also be joined up to now performed theatrical work of a lot of movie and TV, the person that has seen her praises her appearance condition is very outstanding, but even if such, to now she also is done not have all the time bright red.

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Zhang Meng has actual strength very much really, setting also pretty is fierce. Resource respect, the part that Zhang Meng can take is not to rely on to borrow completely endowment enter group, her acting also is inside course of study very suffer everybody to approbate. She is very whiz, won’t do the business that sustain losses in business, it is head fund group, also won’t destroy work, the investment that allows oneself hits water to float. Grandson a show that couple receives

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Well-known, 3 father’s younger brother appoint south ” rob a tomb takes notes ” have the reader with huge amount all the time group, and basis ” rob a tomb takes notes ” work of adapted relevant movie and TV, even its derive drama ” old 9 ” caused quite tall attention, and this ” Sha Hai ” also with ” rob a tomb takes notes ” and ” old 9 ” having correlation, accordingly from open the day that take to rise to suffer with respect to equipment fix eyes upon.

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Zhang Meng: I feel the actor is the one side mirror of the audience actually, after we take a part, use oneself means to experience it to perform it again next, but after the audience sees, there are oneself in the everybody in their heart unscramble, because everybody has his unique life.

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Had made actor part when us actually so, but arrived over there the audience the understanding that can have a life according to him himself or experience generation possibly, it is good that so we should make looking glass of good one side only. It is the most important to perform a role actually is to want to move first oneself, touch oneself, resemble ” on the weekend parents ” in Zhu enlighten this part, when I read a script, oneself are crying all the time crying all the time, have those who want to perform her particularly really the sort of desire.

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