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Original title: Chen Qing makes: “Nie Adou ” the golden light that beat human nature of deep know well preciouses jade, scheming does not let a person greatly be fed up with however ” Chen Qing makes ” the character set inside thinks carefully actually very complex, it seems that a person with respect to a kind of person in map reality. Because this wants to analyse part of A Lingzhong carefully, still hold out difficulty actually, because of human nature this complex. Want to write the Huai Sang that write Nie all the time this character, but did not think good all the time how begin to write or paint, see the netizen is evaluated to his, one most is ” the kindness that appreciates Nie Dao to revive Weimo is admired! ” actually this are in Nie Huaisang is occupied in this character comparing is very small, everybody did not think of such one is not valued by common people ” Nie Adou ” the golden light that beat human nature of deep know well finally preciouses jade, still do not let a person be fed up with!

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If want to think Nie Huaisang carefully this person, the initiative impression that gives a person is, civil cannot carry an An Tian, fierce cannot decide heaven and earth on the knife. Look in Wei Moxian, no matter be preexistence or this life, nie Huaisang should be what appearance or what appearance, even if is to drape imperial robe to also sit flabby dragon chair, lifting admire knife to also do not kill archenemy. Even if tottering sat the position of Nie suzerain, those who eat also is capital, also be of eldest brother Nie Ming and Nie ancestors people the unearned gain that makes.

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It is not tall really no less than useless, body house perch is unripe however give birth to him blending garrulous is defeated outside its golding and jade in mouth of everybody of a hunderd schools of celestial being door among them form of typical children of old and well-known family of fine silk fabrics Ku. With everybody the habit buries discard his word is summed up, it is such probably: Learn not to have half car, just do not have pipeful, useless, it is one helps what do not rise up simply ” Nie Adou ” . And who is golden light preciouses jade? Consider ruse and measure, the world at that time, nowhere collect fragrant! Effective power is repaired be is not the toppest, one’s previous experience connects an ordinary person even not as good as, it is everybody mouth is medium ” meretricious child ” , but unluckily golden light preciouses jade with such one’s previous experience, force repairs such spirit to build celestial being group to ask a vessel of superintend and director of top position celestial being. Except has outstanding ruse and medium, is saying by luck? If sheet sees golden light precious jade this person, it seems that more resembling is lustre world jewellery, but once covered this world at the world, but still meet what glorious takes a person finally, do not have leading role aureola regrettablly only, finally is however by in front of respecting ” Nie Adou ” pulled down a horse.

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Golden light preciouses jade those who publish celestial being superintend and director later, it is some were won to develop brains actually: Bold and powerful and inapproachable Nie Ming how? Is the exterminate hill of become terror-stricken at the news letting a person old ancestor how? The generation of the be apt to of Wen Rehan golden light of on the make how… was given to clear away by him one by one? Face these ” great achievement ” , some on wings are actually in the heart that golden light preciouses jade, the small fish shrimp that so conceal is beside him, he is not put in the eye at all. And Nie Huaisang captured golden light to precious jade namely in such heart, just pretend oneself into ” be utterly ignorant ” Song wraps Nie Adou, be without guard to let golden light precious jade namely.

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When Nie Ming is living, although Nie Huaisang can be at ease admire scenery of the four seasons, gather fan of his bug bird fish. The Nie Huaisang in those days is like is Nie Ming raise the floret in conservatory, no matter face what kind of environment, want to eldest brother is in only, won’t fear in his heart, and special be good at protecting oneself. During Wen suffers Jiaohua, everybody is dare anger not dare character, nie Huaisang understands consider the situation however, never the face has carried lukewarm a surname forcedly. Still that faints in blue neglect airframe side, small make up sufficient reason suspects Nie Huaisang is outfit is dizzy, he carries the kind of this kind of give the impression of weakness, discharged all sorts of torment, need not go out to face Xuan Wu to blame animal together with everybody even. And Nie Huaisang faints every time in drama proper, when this are dizzy decisive faint, when should awaking, turn immediately wake, this are reflected apparently all the more in Wei Moxian’s later ages.

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So you see Nie Huaisang see the package that be like Song, know most actually with Rou Kegang retreat in order to advance. Should become aware odd of cause of death of of eldest brother Nie Ming when, decided golden light to precious jade through clues Nie Huai Sangsuo. Come ten years, nie Huaisang is borne do not send, avoid intentionally sharp edge hide one’s inadequacy by keeping quiet makes young hot season low, to golden Lin stage this 3 elder brother that stand high above the masses act like a spoiled child complaint, everything is to puzzle golden light preciouses jade nevertheless just.

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Till the last moment, blue sunlight official preciouses jade golden light of penetrate into of new moon sword then chest when, golden light preciouses jade just suddenly be enlightened, so oneself are without guard to caress old bosom mulberry little brother all the time for years, just be the BOSS with the biggest behind the curtain, is Jing not surprizing outside meaning? Admire even Weimo and blue forget ground of Jing of machine Dou Zhen to look at all these, did not know what to produce for a short while! Final Nie Huaisang succeeded really, but is he happy? May not! Revenge for eldest brother there is no shirking the responsibility, can see golden light preciouses jade to die really, oneself also cannot happy really rise, and follow at the same time in former days the good friend produced gap! Be brought up is a lone issue really, be brought up more alone more! But even if is such, nie Huaisang did so eventful favour to revenge, small make up still not be fed up with him, you how Where is content of look upon Nie Huaisang’s this individual?

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