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Original title: ” cliff ” Ren Changchun: One gives birth to the good child of bad times, a heart is full of well-meaning villain in drama Espionage war play has looked a lot of, but make a person impressive do not have a few however. Of interpret of many the Zhang Jia year ago and main actor of combination of beautiful of the Song Dynasty ” cliff ” calculate going up is the high-quality goods in espionage war play, this drama is clever clever in everybody content depict keen. Every part has its distinctive charm, let what the person sees do not forget, feel irreplaceable even! That dog sand of home of sword of the Sun Yue in linking theatrical work is much, make a person impressive! Small making up what want to say today is female singer the Ren Changchun of his personate this character.

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Why small make up should say this part alone? Because small make up more resonant sense were found on this part body. Ren Changchun is the child of an ordinary other people that does not have any setting, his desire when the police is very actual, the family that does not consider oneself namely suffers again bully. but from one’s previous experience this one, he resembles extremely great majority is ordinary we, origin is common be without setting, the purpose that struggles assiduously hard is to want to let family live well nevertheless a bit, the discrimination that suffers others no longer and bully.

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Ren Changchun is clever and have courage, enter smoothly alarm team, he thought to realize ideal from now on. Be on duty in the process, those who be different from others is crude and overbearing, his courtesy treats everybody, this explains he has deep love for this profession really, no matter be civilized diction to who, a bit is done not have by at that time alarm the air pollution of bandit. And impartially execute the law, no matter who the object of need interrogate and examine is, who to move to make excuse, ren Changchun holds to his principle, second of even if week has come to the spot, ren Changchun also does not have privately to turn on the water, however ask for instructions is over discharged of the ability after ranking leader. If such person is put now this society, it is very easy be taken seriously with put sb in a very important position, regrettablly he gives birth to a fault time.

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Enter this rank, do not have can avoid the ground to be able to face homicide such case. Ren Changchun shoots for the first time, be tall Bin incite sb to do sth, hold the post of Changchun to appear to be caught by threatening hand so blood, rise momently from this, his tragic perhaps destiny was destined. After the event Suo of his Duo shiver fears to vomit, he is not willing to shoot, but do not have method however, seeking to live on is the instinct with any time the mainest one, ren Changchun is not exceptional also, he wants well subsist, must such! You do not kill a person, but do not represent others won’t incur calculate you, gao Bin was arranged to him infiltrate the task of adversary interior, arrange him to send poisonous drug namely actually.

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High-sounding respecting this is to build result the main chance that establishs line of business, hope Ren Changchun can take care of him, but who does not know this is essential is send oneself into Palace of Hell, who calls oneself common origin be without setting, when critical task comes, doesn’t he become cannon fodder who becomes cannon fodder? Holding the post of Changchun have hesitation in the heart, but either because of oneself, worry about the parents of old however, still for years young little brother. A lot of moment are such, the likelihood is right for others, you are an ants and mole crickets, but to family, you are their day!

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Gao Bin this individual is really very be fed up with, he human nature mix bloodily greedy deduced acme, to help sb to fulfill his wishes oneself, be without esteem to life but character, want to be able to help oneself build only result establish line of business, he hesitates none go doing. The kindness that is less than human nature of a tiny bit looks on his body, but Ren Changchun is different, he does not calculate a real good person, but kindness is full of in at least heart, he ever never had thought others of active do harm to, but once went up this pirate ship, it seems that everything cannot help doing sth! There is dispute of true be apt to in his heart, respect Zhou Yi all the more so, he said to the thing of human warmth sees on the body in Zhou Yi, is that why is he yearning?

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Ren Changchun is very lucky encountered Zhou Yi after graduation this Bai Le, zhou Yixin admires him, left him then. But see the final result of final Ren Changchun, feel it seems that this lucky be unfortunate, ren Changchun inspects week second humanness to give birth to Bai Le all the time, do not think the hand that dies in this Baile however finally however, unavoidable sigh letting a person! Who can you be to you can be blamed? Strange Zhou Yi too firm, or too too scrupulous? Who is not strange also, can blame Ren Changchun to give birth to a fault only times! The teenager that kindness is full of in this heart with respect to such fall from the sky, regrettablly? True regrettablly, on his body, small make up saw effort does not cease struggle more than, also saw what cannot hold a destiny is helpless! His heart from harmless person, be wrapped by the onrush of the times however nip is flooded, dying meaning of Ren Changchun may depend on, when cherishing peace, era cherishs at present, in the time of convulsion, hold the post of you to have extremely big ability, also enemy the torment of big nevertheless environment!

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