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Original title: Rustic love: New personality is embarrassed big, lan Ni of Xie Tengfei Zhao makes sauce, 2 acting chamfer select 3 stars much ” rustic love 14 ” sowing in heat, charming charming lies between Zhao Benshan of empty propaganda to the enemy at the front line to be troubled by bubbling with noisely, zhao Benshan and his prentice people continue to be in open of Spring Festival archives ” bully screen ” mode. Although Zhao Benshan is early,had exited spring the arena of late essay, but the fokelore about him is not lacked on all corners of the country.

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Although ” rustic love ” series is accompanying dispute from beginning to end, but regard China as teleplay of the most macrobian rural subject matter, it transmitted northeast culture on certain level, gut reflected the reality of instantly China country, very much content also is to follow to develop what changing as the times. The most crucial is, ” rustic love ” each extract can regard as in light of essay Duanzi, at one’s leisure can bring a lot of joy to the person.

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” rustic love ” series broadcasts 16 years, the actor in drama also produced the change of world-shaking, the acting with lubricious isogon of Xie Da foot, Li Fu, small house person die, wang Tian comes, the classical part such as Wang Xiangxiu, Xie Xiaomei, Su Yugong gets offline, the share of main actor show such as Wang Xiaomeng, Liu Ying, Xie Yongjiang is less and less. Ivory village has new personality emerge in large numbers ceaselessly, whole character line also becomes more and more overstaffed.

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Mention ” rustic love ” , have a Duan Zi everybody has listened, that is a lot of audiences speak bluntly Zhao Benshan can pat Xie Tengfei all the time 60 old age. When performing this theatrical work, Xie Tengfei is joined still is a baby, had blossommed nowadays big boy, it is thus clear that this drama is having tenacious vitality. Want Zhao Benshan health only, want group of Liaoning folk art to still be in only, believe ” rustic love ” can pat all the time.

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But a fact must be gotten face, ” rustic love ” series can attract an audience really, still be Liu Neng, Xie Ankun and Zhao Si composition ” iron triangle ” combination. Although Zhao Benshan is joined in drama ceaselessly other prentice with new personality, but these new personality were carried hard old standard.

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Liu Neng’s personate person after Wang Xiaoli is replaced, return to at top speed, this also proved from flank ” rustic love ” can do not have Zhao Benshan, but little ” iron triangle ” can lose the spirit really, joy also can be hit accordingly fold. From ” rustic love ” in light of the content that series presents, “Iron triangle ” opening the plot of a play all the time, and new people is embarrassed big, young actors are carried very hard also it is importantly to rise show share, star 2 generation people it is to cause group of ridicule more, zhao Benshan and his ” rustic love ” series is faced with succeed unmanned to trouble really.

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Well-known, the young actor such as Xie Tengfei, Zhao Lanni, Pi Zhigao also is grow together with whole drama rise, they regard drama as medium the 3rd generation also is great expectations be expressinged by a lot of people. Ivory village should marry writtened guarantee, of this divorce also left with what ought not to divorce, the tale of future of a few young actors becomes the masterstroke of gut very likely. These young actors also bring a lot of surprises really, xie Tengfei comes on the stage bring discharge and topic oneself, expression includes hot and whole network, make the happy fruit of the audience.

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However the propulsion as gut, xie Tengfei is not protected in the position of Home Laoxie. Xie Tenglong, Xie Tengfeng is born, xie Ankun also produced 180 degrees change to Xie Tengfei’s manner, of one’s own came out with adopted difference.

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Xie Ankun spends type to torment Xie Tengfei, xie Tengfei also can feel the change of Xie Ankun manner apparently, in one’s childhood the choice runs away from home, affection works to also become cautious after be brought up, the condition of whole person also is downhearted.

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Xie Tengfei is the one big painted eggshell of this drama originally, but ” rustic love 14 ” in Xie Tengfei is whole the position of the part is very bad, worry always is before camera lens heavily, he becomes joyless, the existence in drama feels weaker and weaker also. Pat according to such rhythm, be afraid the audience cannot see Xie Tengfei 60 years old old age, this part also was changed by the brim.

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Zhao Lanni and Zhao Lan Na are the child of front courtyard of two element other people originally, but act through going out ” rustic love ” series and have his moment accidentally, two sisters are lively and lovely, inherent star face, acting also can be encircled can nod, deep impression left to the person in drama.

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As ” rustic love ” the propulsion of series gut, younger sister of two young ladies also was brought up gradually, among them Zhao Lanni had apparent change more. ” rustic love 14 ” Zhao Lanni comes on the stage cause heat to discuss, comparative in one’s childhood, whole person really Yan Zhi drops apparent. The most awkward is, zhao Lanni’s sound also had a change, talking organ becomes very thick, actor of major of acting respect contrast exists really very big difference.

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Very apparent, mark of Xie Tengfei, Xie Tenglong, Xie Tengfeng, Zhao Lanni, Zhao Lanna, skin is this batch high young actor has been brought up gradually, they can bring certain surprise as greenery, but should become protagonist really really embarrassed big, future wants to play the leading role to have very great difficulty really alone. ” rustic love ” in series, zhao Benshan also is turning newlywed person of purpose, almost each season has new prentice join. Fine number ” rustic love ” affiliation part, you can store 3 bits inside discovery 2 generation, they gained an opportunity that act because of parental relation, but acting is oppugned, their affiliation not only did not add cent to complete theatrical work, became instead reduce cent.

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Children of a pair of boy-girl twins is in ” rustic love 12 ” in join at the same time, personate of daughter ball ball engineers elite Beauty, the Wang Jiabao that manage of empire of England of personate of son ox ox is versed in industrial and commercial institute graduates. Two people will to ivory landscape factory work, come on the stage cause controversy, of a kind English was to suffer group of ridicule more.

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” rustic love 14 ” in, ball ball and bovine ox two people continue to gues-star, they suffer Wang Mu’s unripe entrust, be in charge of the act of surveillant Laohu and Yang Xiaoyan. Sister younger brother the acting of two as before very jerky, clue design is more awkward, the style with whole department theatrical work is antipathetic also.

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Niu Niu is genetic still a few comedic gene of father Zhao Benshan, the process of the performance can let a person see Zhao Benshan’s sign now and then. This part of ball ball personate does not suit her apparently, set with the person of elite complete not conform to, relatively and net red identity of Yan Xiaoshuang suits a ball more. Take the part that does not fit oneself, add actor’s lines and performance to also close nevertheless, can make an audience awkward only finally.

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Besides these two stars 2 generation, there still is a part to be worth to pay close attention to in drama, that is Dong Yang of service station undergraduate. The personate of this part person be called king brilliant, she is Xiao Suqing and the daughter that Wang Yong meets in reality. Xiao Suqing is in ” rustic love ” in woman of personate jade cropland, wang Yong can be in ” rustic love ” in gues-star President Wang.

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Dong Yang this part is dispensable, apparently playwrite powerful stuff comes in. The acting of king brilliant brilliant is jerky, actor’s lines also not quite pass a barrier, what her kimono Wu stands is other the advertisement tool person of appropriate of two actors appropriate, do not build with the style of whole department theatrical work, let a person one second jump play, saw resemble speed. To ” rustic love ” the new personality of series and star 2 generation, what what should say do you have?

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