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Original title: Li Lu of auspicious art alumnus — be in ” between the world ” of useful and common person epic, the period with great greeting! Focusing times story, compose world fireworks. This Spring Festival, we eat dumpling, see a winter abstruse, happy get-together China year! Before screen you, did not miss another certainly ” great dinner of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day ” — CCTV opens year of big play ” between the world ” ! 20220213025819 620873cbb344a ” between the world ” leave oneself since sowing, the topic is ceaseless, head sow take 5 gold archives next week to be the same as viewing rate of period of time namely the first. 20220213025820 620873cc78688 It is the picture that one act act is full of fireworks breath no matter, the affection of meticulous still in a subtle way is conveyed, make this drama echo intense, be like tide reputably. 20220213025820 620873ccdb052 This does not lose expectant backside, must allude crackajack alumnus of Ji Yi, ” between the world ” director, total producer — Li Lu. 20220213025821 620873cd59264 From created the whole nation to defend those who inspect nearly 10 years to defeat the viewing rate of 8% to record ” people’s name ” arrive to be written into top people procuratorate ” two meetings ” of the report ” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” , arrive again of instantly ” between the world ” , this crackajack Ji Yi alumnus, submitted a satisfactory report to the society! 20220213025822 620873ce87066 Alumnus plum road and Ji Yi ” between the world ” become explode paragraph, public praise blast is cracked, cannot leave good director, also cannot leave good story, good actor. Teleplay ” between the world ” adapt the homonymic novel from writer Liang Xiaosheng ” between the world ” , origianl work novel won award of the 2nd Wu Chengen novel 2019, the top award that of the same age wins Chinese novel work — award of Mao Dun literature. 20220213025823 620873cfafd75 Strong strong together, give an excellent work surely! Teleplay ” between the world ” what send besides the actual strength such as thunder favorable reply, Xin Baiqing, Song Jia, Yan Tao is wonderful deduce, still the Ji Yi alumnus such as Zhang Kaili, Ding Haifeng, Xu Wenan joins in aid blast! 20220213025824 620873d0ab0c6 20220213025825 620873d168ad9 The actual strength of all of one suit is sent, raise one’s hand is cast sufficient it is masterly acting, show the actor’s self-discipline minute minutes. 20220213025825 620873d1c69c5 Such ” the immortal fights ” battle array of actual strength clique chooses personally by Li Lu’s director, ensure actor temperament and part joint. Regarding Jilin as artistic institute is 1985 graduate dramatically, li Lu directs a heart to fasten alma mater, feed back home town, carry teleplay ” between the world ” return Changchun to film. He builds art actively to carry out platform for Ji Yi’s teachers and students, li Yongjun of teacher of college of Thespian movie and TV, Hu Lianhua, Leng Yan, Men Qingbao, Song Yang, Zhang Qi exceeds, Fu Bofei suffers invite piece perform this theatrical work, more than 400 student walks into a play staff from the school, pass personate many kinds of part, experienced another classroom of major of movie and TV. 20220213025826 620873d2d7739 20220213025827 620873d3720e4 During filming, zou Yi of Zhang Donghang of secretary of academic Party committee, assistant dean comes to the spot, visited the academic teachers and students that expressed sympathy and solicitude for filming to have enthusiasm communication with director Li Lu. 20220213025828 620873d40ab2a Director Li Lu and ” between the world ” regard CCTV the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day as big play, ” between the world ” with actual brush stroke in Chinese painting and calligraphy, backdate new China lives from the common people since 60 time history, guide an audience to return the fervent years in memory, be enmeshed jointly watch the tremendous change that sees social progress, tribute times while the sound that also transmits China to the world, in Hu Nianchun the section displays on one to come from the home for everybody ” warm ” . 20220213025828 620873d46dd30 Time burnish comes out good work. Cost 176 days film, the collective after knock off is surrounded read, relapse the detail of deliberate, ceaseless ” brawl ” modification actor’s lines bridge paragraph… Li Lu’s director is heading entire play staff, rise early and retire late-hard at work night and day, fight side-by-side, let this great work, the generation that replace father people talk, “Wake up ” instantly society. 20220213025829 620873d504c53 20220213025829 620873d58e739 The aesthetic acme goes after the director Li Lu that carries out after all, arrive from art, photography take change the square field surface such as the path to make great efforts sufficient. “True thing is false not. ” the time such as pants of stamp of bathhouse of green skin train, masses, food coupon, wool, lavatory is scenic, it is actor back calendar shows which is a year even, these genuine detail, director take care of everything oneself, be worth an audience to be watched repeatedly with consider. 20220213025830 620873d62adce 20220213025830 620873d6aef08 20220213025831 620873d7041ba Tell Chinese story to the successor to listen, tell a foreigner to listen. ” between the world ” take a month, dishini bought the copyright that it broadcasts in blame China area, at present the website had begun Dishini to be opposite ” between the world ” conduct propaganda. This has the feelings, director that has mission feeling to tell us, “We are not him play house, whole world audience is looking, clue of each actor’s lines in drama, each place even each setting, be Chinese story outside change. Be Chinese story outside change.. 20220213025831 620873d790488 “Wherefrom years walks over, I have the domestic national condition of a kind of bemoan the state of the universe and pity the fate of humankind not self-consciously to conceive, in one’s heart is expecting national progress live well of good, common people, the heart cherishs a kind of simple mission to feel, want to go the pace that date from people develops, tell these stories to the successor to listen again. Tell these stories to the successor to listen again.. 20220213025832 620873d84246f Home town complex of Li Lu the heart with feeding back, aid Li Jilin to revitalize. Novel ” between the world ” setting is in Harbin, and direct Li Lu general advocate setting move arrived Jilin, vivid emersion scene of Jilin people life, he says ” northeast is the most beautiful be in with the roughest stuff ” between the world ” in. ” the Li Lu that is graduated from Jilin art institute, the green time with the best life was spent in Changchun. This, he used the warm story much flank that spans 50 years, stereo type to reveal northeast development to change, revitalize with the literary Jilin that help strength, promote development of high quality of industry of Jilin movie and TV! 20220213025832 620873d8e0930 20220213025833 620873d994291 Grind a sword 3 years not character anxious, last a period of time creates 3 years ” between the world ” ascend a screen, we see all living things below director camera lens, see the mission that work delivers and warmth. ” between the world ” make an audience more intuitionistic and experience Changchun deeply the culture inside information with this solid city and simple and true local customs. This is director Li Lu the is sentimentally attached to deeply affection to home town, this is auspicious actor the Chu Xinjian that develops to prosperous Jilin culture is defended take on with responsibility. 20220213025834 620873da43d63 Good work precipitates by time, with the heart goes to burnish first, this is made excellent ” between the world ” , with sincerity and spatio-temporal dialog, the intention and character are alternant, be sure to blossom dazzling ray! 20220213025834 620873dabfd27 Use a word of Li Lu alumnus: “Do not underestimate any generation youths, 80 hind do not underestimate 90 hind, 90 hind do not underestimate 00 hind. ” the artistic career that we wish Li Lu is directed continues Yi Yi is unripe brightness, with exalted literary lead a society fashion! Also wish of Ji Yi you, explore art this true, run oneself passion, encounter best oneself!

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