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Original title: Discriminate passes: China the wife of a prince bleeds this play was made stop 3 times by the director, do you have impression? ” discriminate is passed ” this drama can be not forgotten all the time most propbably is to having its unique window to attracting everybody, it is exterior films or performance work force of the actor is said to be a special skill in palace drama by can not only in light of whole. In drama grandson the discriminate of couple personate is that individual that everybody considers to the thumb since vertical stroke goes speaking highly of in spite of oneself in memory all the time, her wisdom is touching mother of discriminate father a surname to touching the fruit county king that loves him greatly more. Because,the movement of cerebrum high speed that can allow discriminate is at the beginning actually China the wife of a prince, china the wife of a prince is the first enemy that discriminate just came to into Gong Ying, in discriminate eye him position is low suffer as China the wife of a prince bestow favor on mix as far as possible she is little contact, but affairs of human life is variable China the wife of a prince or the wisdom that decide to want to challenge discriminate .

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After the emperor gives palace, China the wife of a prince is in Gongzhongyiren alone big, she lets discriminate Lai Yikun palace pay respects, dan Zhen still was punished by China the wife of a prince because of the problem that be late however. This is discriminate since entering palace, get for the first time of the companion bully, she is sad but she still learned submit to humiliation, this is the wisdom of discriminate . So when be being bullied to bring about this sanguinary play in performing discriminate, actually China the wife of a prince also is sufferred suffer, she was made stop 3 times by the director. The act person of the wife of a prince of China of it is reported is Jiang Xin, she to acting in a play this respect has very strong talent as a child, the broken play it may not be a bad idea that directs arrangement basically or grand opera, before Jiang Xin explodes oneself she is one passes, can not exist to be directed make halt this kind of record-breaking business, the main factor that can bring about Jiang Xin to produce this kind of thing so is to result from actually of individual condition owe beautiful.

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Him Jiang Xin goes acting China the wife of a prince this part actually to her it is a kind of aeriform pressure, direct the wife of a prince of China of make choice of before after all the person selected of this part is not to use Jiang Xin to act. So bleed field play has calculated actually ” discriminate is passed ” take the show share of 1/4, the hardship to taking sport brought about Jiang glad to send with a variety of pressure burn. The condition that in spite of illness acts in a play let Jiang Xin lose groove really, expression does not reach the designated position, forgetting actor’s lines is Jiang Xin the problem place in this play. Filmed 3 times at the beginning, and the 3rd times the director has said, but Jiang Xin always feels he does not have complete play to come out, she one individual hold back is worn gas hair is worn burn hide in filmed cry outside field, and in direct right now also before went comforting Jiang Xin, actually to everybody not be when can have high self-confident heart, directing this big family outside can scrupling to make fun of in play of it serves to show of China the wife of a prince still is very warm.

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After Jiang Xin is comforted by the director, she wiped the tear on the face, tried this play again afresh, clear sense condition is compared before a lot of. Actually Jiang Xin includes a lot of actresses, each play that they film meets what rearward is pulling tired out body to paying his silently to just can exchange great master reputably, although tired fell to stand up pat take land they or meeting continue to step down. No matter be made stop a few times, of Jiang Xin’s effort and director enthusiastic, it serves to show this ability is the reason that this drama is not forgotten all the time.

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