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Original title: ” between the world ” triumphant beautiful cross fierce acting to turn over forcibly? It is the time feeling that you do not know actually ” between the world ” when the music secretary first act of Zhang Kaili personate comes on the stage, sit in C attend a meeting to everybody, take the actor’s lines that says the move is impassioned, emphatic than delimiting repeatedly, be like is to stand on the stage to play speech game, someone says to act resemble residing appoint like meeting an aunt, what actor’s lines says is too feigned, performance trace is too apparent. Integrity in one’s old age of Mr. Zhang Kaili is not protected, be absorbed in advertising the old people in deceit, idea is essential and trashy go up in the performance.

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Old song person is set in the book pretty good, figure is stereo also, can be in triumphant the arena feeling that the program left to change only below the performance of beautiful teacher, still have as before show off how breathe out the actor’s lines of scrupulous, take antrum to do the mood of tone. Under photograph comparing, the play of Mr. Sa Rina has administrative levels to feel very much, feeling reveals the ground true and exquisite, did not perform a trace almost, make a person complete believe character role.

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Additional, director processing technique has a problem, the slashing severity that to Laoqu this character wants to show her first looks be like unnatural one side, as the ceaseless contact that follows grasping elder brother, insert show her lovely and respected one side slowly in several concentration. Which have two collect to be less than body to measure at a heat is the disposition this figure figure shown completely come?

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It is female cadre not merely, in origianl work and this drama she this part is a figure of iron a form of address for one’s wife, definite idea has an idea. Mr. Zhang Kaili comes without the show the sort of decisive, kingly strength, the feeling of the old mom that advises in earnest however. She the sort of talk moving air that takes a lead intentionally just is pair of that moment leaders is to reflect really, if if nag again,be being nodded, her small expression feeling or some are hard.

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Should be the person of a heart of bean curd of small knife mouth originally, and have sense of justice. But the show comes remnant has exerted oneself to do sth. fierce, acting relies on speech dialect completely. She exerts oneself to do sth. too fierce, too enrol one type to have destiny, seeing her performance know that is to be being performed, did not enter sport. Face a time of group of a few people between slag car especially several joke that tell great truth.

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The other show that Zhang Kaili performs is joint performance. Feel Ga suspicion is sedulous, because have bit of dean when resembling going to school,talk that flavour. Linking that time should be reductive, be female cadre of that time revolution model, the performance that is not the living theatre model. Say she resembles a leader really so, it is so right that the affirmation in that reality has a leader, but are these leaders in reality the Laoqu in this play is this kind led?

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However this is the person is set, those who want is this interest, person having a place comes mad the sort of, you see she and factory director attend a meeting knew when discussion macrocephalic problem. One is the common people aunt that does not have culture, one is senior officer leading group. She so act do not have illness, say to feel of Ga is not to understand that time.

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The affirmation in reality has the person with the hoity-toity conversation like the in that way leader that he performs, but the sort of hoity-toity leader and from the back can care the disposition of rock-bottom worker is a person to had not seen from the heart truly, can say only in front the character’s disposition triumphant beautiful act cannot mix forcibly too from the back the character’s disposition is united in wedlock, let a person feel uncomfortable so.

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Pour those who feel she acts to stick, originally that part needs to carry frame work namely, because the husband is mixed,the administrative levels that oneself work is not common people originally, you must she wants masses of Utopian press close to, want thorough basic level, you are far from actual, and that times has taken comer, the cadre that understands that time through that time is what kind of.

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