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Original title: Drama of Han of 5 when 2022 heat sow high component, ” corpse campus ” before having a predestined relationship 3, which had you seen? The 5th ” corpse campus ” fabaceous valve: 6 main actors: Yin Canrong / Piao Chihou / virtuous gut comments on Zhao Yi: Still hold out go with rice! Dance of joint of each funeral cadaver jumps well, although goodwife sets the point that spit groove (her acting it may not be a bad idea pulls hip) , whats to like not quite code of play of feeling of the dark blood that love a dog. Also have nevertheless nod hey, shirt-sleeve campus force clue, some person appearance grow so that resemble a person actually from inside in early decayed taking decayed bad smell to follow different of funeral cadaver it doesn’t matter, this campus is terrestrial hell… hum… be this Tartarean really! The dining room erupts that paragraph greatly long shot looks well bright, 4 people group has the bathroom more sth. worth seeing or reading. The article that university of a disease calling funeral has read previously wants to see similar happening the funeral cadaver of lyceum piece but it is impossible that domestic movie and TV changes affirmation, flying Han drama also considers the net contented now I this desire.

20220213034246 62087e36a9e52

The 4th ” ghostliness doctor ” fabaceous valve: 7.8 main actors: Zheng Zhixun / golden / Jin Youzhen gut comments on: 5 stars give Rain, not old male god, see him at the outset ” romantic houseful ” as if to still be in yesterday, jump over old Yue Shuai really, he is the person that I feel small eye single-edged eyelid is handsome also really, still having is small Li Xun, it is the sort of the first general, but see Yue Shuai more. Gut, double male advocate, medical treatment subject matter, thought of the Codeblue of hill P, big difference is not poor, quite interesting. Anyhow individual feels, this drama is OK renown ” everybody knows double male advocate of two people interactive only female advocate him suspicion goes seeing mental family this thing ” , of two people interactive too do laugh to have love too, especially the sort of division person sense that likeness laughs at, true Nice, but cannot bear more as Bug of medical treatment drama orthoptic, do not take brain to watch, laugh laugh to go.

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The 3rd ” the daughter-in-law marks the 2nd season ” fabaceous valve: 8.2 main actors: Plain river announce / power keep under control / Wen Xijing gut comments on: The first season is centered on the theme that wife and mother concerns, this one season is centered in Yo namely on the theme. Also be the social phenomenon that exists generally likewise, yo of type of bereft of one’s spouse the problem lets how many family be at a loss what to do, having the child originally should be a happy and happy thing, changed to taste however nowadays. Drama anthology showed the reaction that differs between the men and women with comparative camera lens, two kinds of disparate atmosphere feel, let person straight face these reality. Although drama anthology length is short, but convey without affective of cloggy deep administrative levels, pass through Sai Ling’s affliction, can see the collective trouble of a lot of people. Such gut set and development, it is enough obtain approbate and resonant.

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The 2nd ” the people that unscrambles evil heart ” fabaceous valve: 8.4 main actors: Jin Naji / Chen Shangui / Jin Suzhen gut comments on: All drunk without everybody what I wake alone is male advocate, did not exceed capacity, mutate without gene, brokenhearted dissension, without talent intelligence quotient, did not pass through spatio-temporal interphone. Do not have those who have give an extravagantly colourful description to commit the crime gimmick, only true and bare commit the crime motive, without biff namely method of medium crack a criminal case, the unrighted wrong that only trial and error comes to again gets snow. One star keeps division subject matter to the practical side with scarce Korea, one star gives acting, final SamSung gives this new personality director and new personality write a play, the expression that the setting of play setting still has camera lens language is very outstanding. Had seen Korea additionally the newsreel that personage of detect of a few punishment gives looking glass and put together art, of Jin Naji deduce very reach the designated position, they are true the feeling that the person has this to contain a scroll kind of Leng Li, acumen, sturdily to enrage again really, also have at the same time powerful in all affection ability.

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The first ” tracer ” fabaceous valve: 8.6 main actors: When allowing, be over / decorous star / Sun Xianzhou gut comments on: It is vengeance duty field theatrical work for setting, core with tax of state of pursue and wipe out, the clue weaves in the duty field that emphasizes Yu Qun to resemble depict the part mixes of individual figure depict avenge appear between the part gave a kind of ingenious balance to feel: While you are gone to by bright drama bright, can not feel this kind of bright is strong namely complete out gab is weak — bury stalk bury fair and reasonable, when decoding, also meet besides sensory satisfy a craving be touched by the small office of Tibetan amid. Altogether, of drama anthology finish it is really good to spend. Can saying is afterwards reviews what still become aware Jing is colourful up to now ” not unripe ” hind, 10 years internal energy sees when allowing, be over again pleased in theatrical work of field of small screen duty favour enemy, to the top of one’s bent put to good use is one branch almost alone the acting of beautiful level, at the person at oneself it is amusement one picket ah.

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Drama of Han of 5 when 2022 heat sow high component, which had you seen? Code word is not easy, the welcome pays close attention to bit of assist, leave a message discuss.

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