Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: The most beautiful in drama of movie and TV bestow favor on the wife of a prince, a list of names posted up on Liang Jie, lin Xinru can the 2nd, the first fact returns to the name!

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In palace calculation, the heart the wife of a prince that She Shiman acts is in the modelling in drama is very moving, ancient costume figure also is very conspicuous. Of this drama female advocate it is very kind-hearted, she Shiman explains this part well.

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In Shuang Chongzhong, what Liang Jie acts is female advocate the part that one person cent acts the role of two different disposition, and counteract in drama male advocate the process that get along also is very sweet. Ancient costume figure also is very beautiful and moving.

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In Gu fragrant in be not being admired oneself, the female Zhu Baiping that act graceful is final also was to become queen. The Baby of ancient costume figure also lets a person shine at the moment, yan Zhi also is very conspicuous.

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In the wife of a prince of bend world emperor, what Lin Xinru acts is female advocate married male 2, male 2 pairs she also is very spoony. Also be to bestow favor on the wife of a prince in drama, still loving in the heart nevertheless male advocate, finally the ending of two people also is special make a person regretful.

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Neon of respecting Guo precious may have a lot of friends to be familiar with not quite, the Zhao Gede that actually she acts in mother appearance the world is very classical. The figure in drama also is Jing colourful everybody, although acting and Yan Zhi are very pretty good, but lack opportunity regrettablly, all the time not lukewarm not fire.

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