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Original title: Those are foolish in ancient costume drama foolish paid spoony men and women, lin Yueru the 7th, the first it is demon esteem building There are a lot of spoony men and womens in ancient costume drama, some paying can pay off, but having a few people is foolish however foolish pay, and often ending is heartrending. We talk about ancient costume today these are foolish in drama foolish pay the spoony men and women that does not have good outcome however people. 10 are like ooze out: Gu Jianji Tan Ruqin is good-tempered and easy, be learned and courteous, work rational has according to, let a person like. It is square home most the square home of taken skill 2 young ladies, fell in love with a person that falls in love with oneself impossibly also forever however. She likes little respectful, calculate her not to say, little also understand in respectful heart. Bright mirror is like in her heart, be willing to pay from beginning to end however, be willing to await. Silk of his musical instrument ruptures, she disregards life reckless search silk for him, even if too too harum-scarum, let a person comprehend her love really however, make a person feel distressed in that way

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9 alone Gu Ning Ke out: The Tian Zhihen of sword of thill of a small room the princess that she is devildom originally, add body infanta to be close to however at her. Her Yizheng Yi Xie, extend is ancient changeless is her however to space article develop that is spoony. All the way, dribs and drabs, regardless of the weather, she and he is spent junior and flighty. She ever was him to be the same as poplar wide fight bravely, be weighed however. She ever entered devildom to save his mother for her, get hurt however countless, do not wish he knows, but wish only he is happy. She ever was he and father break with. Everything all, it is she is paid for his, she is paid silently

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Out of 8 allow ceremony: Discriminate is passed the first times when see her from him, he is moved to allow by place of her not seek fame and wealth of quiet and beautiful, but the woman that she is king a courteous form of address between men, he can endeavor to protect her to help somebody attain his aim only, do not think without him. She by infidelity of place of king a courteous form of address between men, a stone needle used in acupuncture in ancient China comes cloister, his very closely associated with each other, wish to make her restful only. Outside house piping, touched discriminate after all, destiny not by the person, his true love answered palace as before, she is not his discriminate again. The heart is like dead water, she is good, he good, she is bad, he bad, guard her each minutes each second, die repeatedly, also wish to go for her, the love that bear, your person heaves a sigh

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7 Lin Yueru out: Strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword is passed 3 her Diao Man is capricious, do cannily strange, it is the configuration of old young lady of the standard, right plum free love is a mouth not criterion heart, it is confirmed however. She is witting plum free have clever, be willing to be when that behind him only so, look at him silently, care him, patronize his person. Even if is hit all the way fight noisely be troubled by, even if is free and clever from time to time beautiful conjugal love, if be like,the month is that month as before, that an infatuation, however the month of beyond expression if. Inside the tower that lock up bewitching, it is her ultimate fate, she chooses to help sb to fulfill his wishes, and oneself, xiao Ran leaves.

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Out of green calyx of 6 a surname: Girl of a surname of associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, the appearance with colourful Jing, having a kind-hearted heart. First love poplar passes, admire Yang Guo, the muddled of the girl’s heart is palpitant, who can understand again. She likes him, be touched by small Long Nv however, be willing the woman that rearward becomes that to like to let go however. She likes him, be willing to risking life danger for him to steal antidote so, protect the person that he loves hard so. Final and gone ending, your person heaves a sigh. This beauty is colourful and good-tempered woman, live in the person’s heart forever

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5 Oriental and indefectible out: Xin Xiaoao all corners of the country she disguises as a man, be acquainted with him, genesis results from a paragraph of affection this. Shifty, a tragic birth that falls, hold hand laugh is proud all corners of the country, cannot conceal however under pride entrust the heart of the girl at him. Eyebrow eye cold intense of a few stars, because of him, use pride admire inspect, attack by surprise covers that is couldn’t get, the heart bend that wishs to guard only however is used up all, wish to listen that only long-unseen: Oriental girl

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Out of another name for Nanning of 4 space article: Orchid hill king prefers him compared with orchid hill king, to Xue Wu’s love, infatuation is crazy foolish groan making a person. Like him to say to her, enclasp my hand, , ache with respect to this in that way heart letting a person. Like his air of arrogance, he ever also said: If save the woman that oneself like to be returned him estimation is hungrily repeatedly the identity, I this emperor, do not do feel distressed he says: Those who lose Xue Wu is painful, I need to last 3 years only.

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Feel distressed he says: Xue Wu, the A that I am you forever is strange. He pays sincerity to Xue Wu, the real situation, awaiting all the time from A to Z, however from beginning to end cannot when the person that he wants. 3 evening precious jade out: Strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword is passed 3 she is the faery that beautiful will of people becomes warped in heavenly palace, have the heart of a kind-hearted not seek fame and wealth, awaited chiliad of a man silently. She knows bitter fleabane or else to be able to come back probably, she understands she is less than him adieu more, she auxes would rather defend to the last wears that to read aloud however want. In that way love, hard dismiss from one’s mind, pure, sturdy, and heartbroken of anxiety letting a person, make the woman that popular feeling is fond of.

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2 put in the sea ‘s charge one knife out: The world one by one the knife is marble, she is the softest place in his heart however, persistent in that way, that kind is spoony. To him character, nobody are important, besides her, that the most important to him Chinese flowering crabapple. That jumps into water to save the Chinese flowering crabapple that he toes disembark; That looks for stone to fill up crural Chinese flowering crabapple to him; That eats the Chinese flowering crabapple of the steamed bread to him; Pluvial Chinese flowering crabapple is blocked for him in that rain; That sings Tong Yao’s Chinese flowering crabapple to him.

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He can take a Yu Pei on the body at any time, because, it once belonged to her; He is done for her do sth without authorization advocate come out boldly; He disregards pain to give violet trailing plants for her; He can destroy everything his for her; One knife is spoony, do not get her idea however

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1 demon respects building out: Strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword passes 3 demon to value a building, madcap bully gas pulls lift up or let down with a rope, fell in love with however in that way a woman, he does not know even if love, the sort of feeling however so came, and send irremediable to be changed till the dot of red-spotted stonecrop, he just understands, original, he is to fall in love with her, and early had fallen in love with her.

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Like to weigh a building most, the heart that knows perfectly well her does not belong to him, knowing perfectly well her is to use him, be auxed would rather be used by her, let her can get she wants, wish to let the person that oneself love only, can have best happiness. It is demon honour obviously, be willing however for her, pay everything.

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