Fri. Sep 30th, 2022
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Original title: Teleplay ” between the world ” which part lets you like, which part lets you be fed up with again? Teleplay ” between the world ” which part lets you like, which part lets you be fed up with, which part makes you impressive again?

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” between the world ” it is an artistic ground the good theatrical work of the way of the world in reflecting the life, figure figure is modelled and find a view shows originality, announce human nature also is very deep, serving as the person that is born in 60 years early days is to a lot of is familiar with and of unforgettable clue sympathize, feeling is resonant, it is a great realistic master piece.

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“Zhou Rong ” the likelihood is the part that is fed up with quite. Anyhow, had broken down to fall in the circumstances of the bed in person in bright rhizome of wind-weed, still persist one’s old ways, throw all family weight to little brother, younger brother and sister, this is very selfish behavior!

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Beautiful precious of veteran cadre music is one of the most congenial parts in this drama. Have the care of sense of justice and young to basic level worker, endeavor to improve a factory to produce a condition to wait a moment at the same time.

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What all parts perform this teleplay is good, it is very important that the specification picks a part. The blind child that performs Zheng Guangming repeatedly makes a person feel distressed unceasingly, zheng Juan’s foster mother left deep impression to me, her goodness, big love, right of funeral affairs average woman can not accomplish deal with, the sister younger brother that strands this to be brought up in affliction two send out the Buddha that gives human nature is.

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Thank writer Liang Xiaosheng, still write down so that middle school times reads him ” have squall tonight ” . Because good fiction just has good TV work!

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