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Original title: Scrutiny discovery, the 5th Ji Lixing cloud is to stand up, dan Tiangang 36 cut however be a nass of bruises ” the undesirable person that draws all corners of the country ” the 5th season has given the 5th market now, according to one season 12 collect just calculate, this gut is already close half, but nebula of our leading role plum did not show real features to now, look should see to ability of the 6th market. And interesting is, do not know everybody notices, the titles music of each collect is bad handsome mask is about to sink downward a bit, be afraid to the 6th collect will sink completely in Huang Sha, so is this means undesirable is Li Xingyun when handsome mask sinks completely replace day of undesirable Shuai Zhi truly? Very possible. But saw the 5th season again after this a few collect, I discover suddenly, look like some places incorrect interest, wanted to just understand, it is here gave an issue so. This one season plum nebula is to wanted to stand up truly, but Tian Gang 36 school Wei is cut to get have cuts and bruises all over the body however, proved with respect to enough this at 3 o’clock, so below everybody understands! One, yan city is undesirable the person is saved Li Siyuan did not suspect Tian Gang 36 school Wei at all is the case that Li Cunli reports Yan state to Li Siyuan in the 5th collect above all, saying is cling to also do at hand to be killed by mysterious person place with his, the undesirable person of all Yan city also is saved. Below normal circumstance is Li Siyuan ought not to suspect undesirable person insider member the hand that change? After all you slaughter undesirable person, cannot undesirable him person still save oneself? And can skill was killed cling to also is old past master for certain, affirmation of 36 school Wei should be in the Tian Gang of undesirable handsome at hand Li Siyuan the first suspicion, for instance the Guan Yun on mother-in-law of the first month faults wait for a person, but what reaction is Li Siyuan? He presses a root to did not suspect is the hand that 36 school Wei changes Gang of undesirable person day. He the first is those who ask Qi king starts work? Next Li Cunli figures is not later, li Siyuan says that is Xuan Ming teaching again. I am the logic that gets very strange Li Siyuan really, mother-in-law of the first month of the 3rd season still can not fall with Li Siyuan fight hand to hand ahull, how he with respect to whole journey oversight Where is the 36 school Wei such as mother-in-law of the first month? After all their motive ability is the most apparent, save undesirable person the most likely also, li Siyuan of result in the end presses a root to do not have the person such as a mother-in-law of the first month to be put in the eye, suspect a few speak or act on hearsay evidance are not worn instead the person of tone. And also can explain from this, after the 5th season changed a director Gang of undesirable person day 36 school Wei gives completely weakened, include the person such as Yun Que of the official on mother-in-law of the first month, look not important in Li Siyuan, conveniently can be solved, otherwise Li Siyuan is not this manner, carry repeatedly do not carry. 2, undesirable person is chased after to kill everywhere, why cannot see undesirable person interior is real ace will help a person is next leave about the 5th season bureau the problem that exists, that is undesirable person is chased after to kill everywhere, each city counties have, and the empyreal emperor female singer that heads with Qi country and unreal sound lane is in charge of each places saving undesirable person. So the issue came, undesirable person is chased after to kill everywhere, formidable day Gang what of 36 school Wei Wei not do oneself stand to help a person even will people save? Should know this the most urgent situation, can be they still borne? And hide this also is not method, li Siyuan already inspect country and power be under one’s control, where can undesirable person hide? But the ace that cannot see undesirable person is right namely comes out, having also is paragraph of all day long only the existence with such battle low power. Show Gang of undesirable person day without how 36 school Wei is strong really, already oneself one cannot say for sure, do not have strength to spare to counterattack more Li Siyuan, still be see our leading role Li Xingyun. 3, on Li Cunli hand one day Gang the register of 36 school Wei, he is not afraid of completely, already explaining everything is final is Li Cunli on the hand about Gang of undesirable person day the register of 36 school Wei, in the first collect when Li Cunli passed this register lock to decide day of among them fast star namely paragraph all day long. And on Li Cunli hand since have this roll, return a pair of manner that is not afraid of completely, explain undesirable person interior does not have what ace really, so called Tian Gang 36 school Wei are probable a big day do not have. This organization relies on really undesirable person only undesirable handsome maintaining, undesirable Shuai Yi is dead, this organization cannot cope with undesirable person to open article shop at all these great power, connect article house to completely also confidence meets undesirable person, just dare slaughter wantonly so undesirable person, need not worry about what day Gang the retaliation of 36 school Wei. And those who be worth to be carried is, advanced face 3 season when, a lot of people blow Tian Gang three in rank second the Big Dipper, saying he is probable also is big day ace, and be next to Tian Kuixing undesirable handsome. But look now, gut is already close half, this organization does not have undesirable person at all what ace. This the Big Dipper may have what expert to live absolutely, but what is actual strength days big absolutely, probably culmination also do not have, won’t hide otherwise do not come out, express the name that does not have him as to trailer therefore, have a few old friend only for instance the Guan Yun on drought Ba Wen Tao faults wait for a person. These people are met probably finally and Li Xingyun together confluent, try to save undesirable person next, undesirable person is last be to be rescued, li Xingyun this one season is to stand up truly, but Gang of undesirable person day 36 school Wei is cut to get have cuts and bruises all over the body however, neither one ace. So today first here, how does everybody look to this? The welcome discusses and leave a message.

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