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Original title: ” bone language 2 ” Guan Xuan decides archives! Perspective of legal medical expert tells about scalpel to fall ” hope and justice “ Seek the truth, guardianship justice. Manufacture by penguin movie and TV, boast nods the line of sight bear make, hu Yaozhi hold guide, zhang Ling heart, Gao Ren, Cai Yi is amounted to, the drama of net of suspense punishment detect that Li Hanlin, Jiang Anjing, Zhao Yi acts the leading role ” bone language 2 ” will on Feburary 21 head sow! The the old cast weighs pound regression, justice of world of beefeater of broken heavy doubtful case ” bone language 2 ” the the old cast returns to Guan Xuan now, zhang Ling heart, Gao Ren, Cai Yi is amounted to, Li Hanlin, Jiang Anjing, Zhao Yi acts the leading role, hold the post of Ni of heavy, Yin Xiaotian, sip, high mountain , Wei Jianlong, Mi Lou, strong and pervasive fragrance child, Wang Chao Wei, Yang Jing wait for special main actor. Be in commentate the calm grade that give group in resembling placard, xia Ying, Shang Jie, Li Xuekai, Lin Fei is the same as, Hu Qian 5 people wear the police uniform in the office, bringing a smile orthoptic ahead, continuously sunshine from illuminate outside the window come in the light after truth of implied meaning fish, after one’s death ” upright not be like,A executes the law hill ” silk banner gives a person to feel with sturdy safety, also matting the narrative fundamental key of justice of warmth of complete theatrical work.

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Continuance the high quality of anthology of drama of the first season is made with good public praise, ” bone language 2 ” analysis, clew feels the doubtful point that will continue to tell about the serious case group that with legal medical expert Xia Ying selects for correlation to pass a series of pair of open question to discharge and anatomize an analysis, truth of reductive thing case, act violently arrest is evil, the story of beefeater light. The case process of fast rhythm, be enmeshed the inferential gut of type, letting an audience understand legal medical expert and public security personnel already is how to cooperate cooperation, knowledge bone is searched true, also developed the be apt to of their punish evil raise, main mission that safeguards justice at the same time. Premonitory be concerned about pulls calm archives full, the old practice that fast rhythm inference opens Babylon backside ” bone language 2 ” official synchronism releases prevue, spy the case setting of the soul-stirring in this season and serious case line picture crisscross editing and rearrangement, rhythm is fast and compact, case setting is in the flash in prevue, also one by one is corresponding ” evil ” germ, layer upon layer go forward one by one the heavy story that the ground tells a guilty backside. Accordingly, by ” restrain a desire, die out ignorant, no longer loss, control is actuation ” a few strong all case pictures in admonishing to remove prevue with caution series connection, form strong affection impact, admonish masses self-communion and be self restrained, crime brings the final result of broken up necessarily.

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“The happening of each homicide case, the secret with unbeknown under cover. ” the person that reveals these secrets just about as the Xia Ying of legal medical expert, can see in prevue, she and member of serious case team enter case discovery field and trial room jointly, be opposite with oneself of justice stand fast and professional knowledge ” unscramble ” the story of victim backside, reductive nitty-gritty, no less than piece in Xia Ying is said ” only not of dread cruelty dark, poke Babylon lair, the truth just won’t be sunk forever. ” light suspense realistically ” onion drama ” , if the eternal justice below refractive law says the first season ” bone language ” in the complexity that mixed fierce case makes an audience intuitionistic experience a case to detect, and the value of story backside life and commendable place, so ” bone language 2 ” go up in this foundation more the heart of person of keep an eye on, focusing society heat, deliver energy. The story in drama passes pair of female duty field, parentage, adolescent to grow, the focusing of the popular society topic such as marital feeling, hit the close affection, love, friendship affection concern in amounting to reality, layer upon layer the gut that go forward one by one makes ” bone language 2 ” detect besides the inferential logic that has rigor, case ” bright feels ” beyond, still have have what cannot ignore to lead an import. We will see the element development such as setting of the to criminality person family education in drama, society is analysed, to answer and prevent criminality to offer caution is mixed think, the eternal life of the light of the edificatory that love and dead backside concern in those brilliant old practices, indefatigable pursuit, morality and justice, just be the value expression with this more serious theatrical work.

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Current, construction law society already became new era to need, of cut down of the ride instead of walk when follow closely ” bone language 2 ” with brand-new the good and evil in perspective clairvoyant reality, hope, warm, and fall in law society, how should everybody love another person him love, if why play, how look upon desire, in the answer that clarity also gave out in prevue: Control impulse of desire, control, can avoid to slip the lair to crime; Keep kind-hearted, the heart has appetent lose no longer, become the person of just open and upright; The case with one stake wonderful stake also caution we ought to enhance legal consciousness in the society, die out ignorant, no matter how reality is brutal, cannot abandon hope and the heart to be apt to, stand fast justice, believing light always can come just is lasting and changeless truth. ” bone language 2 ” will sow alone at having Tecent video total net on Feburary 21, the member is weekly just a little 3 replaced 2 part at 20 o’clock, head more 8 collect, blame member replaced 1 part at 20 o’clock to Zhou Wu every week, head more 2 collect, expect ” bone language ” serious case team deduces story of different crack a criminal case!

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