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Original title: The closest ancient costume is beautiful: Dai of Chen Yuqi, Ju Jing, Peng Xiaoran, Bai Lu, who you love to eat most colour? The friends that ancient costume drama charges are the closest it may be said is to have not little welfare, the ancient costume drama of the near future is updated ceaselessly all the time, act the leading role by Peng Xiaoran ” east palace ” act the leading role with Bai Lu ” ostentatious ” although already received an official, let netizens meaning still did not use up, but heating up sowed ancient costume drama now ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” , ” legend of new white a polite form of address for a young woman ” also suffer broad netizens greatly reputably.

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She what Peng Xiaoran compere goes out began to develop toward movie and TV 2016, of the same age and Chen Weiting, Zhang Yi is promoted wait for collaboration to give the theatrical work of suspense of the Republic of China that perform ” old 9 ” head sow, she is in in drama when big system of appointing national minority hereditary headmen in the Yuan of stockaded village of personate white tall Huai Chan, began the journey that oneself deduce from now on. ” east palace ” the ancient costume drama that lets person cruel heart 100 thousand times, the personate of Peng small Ran in drama on the west the princess of the condition, she is childlike, beautiful and easy, female advocate a red garment is nifty and clever, fizzle out with that all over the sky fitly sanded desolation forms bright contrast, it is one of desert bright color. In drama ” small maple ” can of Peng Xiaoran personate says history on the most miserable female advocate, at first is by male advocate destroy complete a group of things with common features, kill to the photograph loving each other later, major theatrical work no matter process how cruel, at least ending is good, or is misapprehensive or past grudge of final be dispelled, there is so big deep hatred between each other, this is hate is more than love completely, hate him to love him again however, wanted to kill him to fall not to go again however hand, this kind of torment just is the most painful.

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Bai Lu is born family of firewood of a labour, the abroad trainee that joined Korea SM company 2012 is chosen beautiful, but lose an election finally. After choosing beautiful dream to end, bai Lu begins his model and deduced journey.

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” ostentatious ” the road of You Bailu personate is ostentatious, be born and be demon, however a person’s mind is kind-hearted, with male advocate Li Chen billows (Xu Kai personate) this is very sweet to CP, in drama they are in other ancestor the door should be killed male advocate when, saved him to taking him to leave, one waited she is 5 years, for female advocate fulfilled her original earnest wish. For female advocate took 6 added up to him Tian Yijian to suffer a suit to hurt, as long as female advocate happy go. The ostentatious from time to time in drama can follow male advocate act like a spoiled child Mai Meng, from time to time can handle a thing in the door of bully gas, acting and Yan Zhi are exceedingly online, it is a female bit that has latent capacity.

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Since Chen Yuqi goes out downwind all the time downstream, because film the film ” boast swims on the west 3 ” when with heroine Tang Yan is acquainted, formal autograph becomes what since Tang Yan atelier holds water the autograph makes an appointment with about after first actor, get Tang Yan force is held out go out in succession act ” samite not ended ” , ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” , ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” etc.

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” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” by the Zhao Min in drama of Chen Yuqi personate one horn, heroic spirit of her in drama men’s clothing is threatening, female outfit demon is lovely. The charming pretty that has a princess already is capricious, what have female a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct again is clever and bright, effeminate when clear is pitiful, be the Zhao Min that I like most in past dynasties version, but beautiful return beautiful, her acting did not make a person disappointed really, not be a vase a kind part, look reach special intention is being performed, have a boundless future.

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Ju Jing Dai on November 2, 2013, with ” theatrical goddess ” perform in public goes out formally. On July 26, 2014, obtain SNH48 the first total vote the 4th. On July 25, 2015, obtain SNH48 the 2nd total vote the 2nd, from personate ” Yun Xi is passed ” to now heat sows ” legend of new white a polite form of address for a young woman ” got netizens love, the clever gas on her body and white a polite form of address for a young woman very agree. Bright double look is taking the ray that breaks away from Fan Su, your audience enters outstanding temperament better the circumstances in play. She comes on the stage for the first time is to be in the place like elfland, numerous Hua Shijin, tree winds around over there, charactizing a fine spring day, xiaobai repairs refine through chiliad reincarnate person entity, submerge appears with giving Shui Furong’s attitude again, simply the United States is slow-witted!

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Where is the Dai of Chen Yuqi, Ju Jing, Peng Xiaoran, Bai Lu, Yan Zhi that who you love most?

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