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Original title: The soul ferries: Admitted bright and beautiful look for, admit black female, however nobody admits ” east palace ” medium small maple! The soul ferries is one allows authority the horrible work with deeper impression, but it and general horror piece different, in each horrible story final metropolis has the real situation of a warmth, learn even the most fearsome red garment elder sister last place description comes out also be a spoony woman nevertheless just, lie between when old later again a few actors in discovering drama are the star that everybody is familiar with, do not know everybody has a few to identify?

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The 1st is Yang Zi probably, he is in last year place personate sweet honey also is all the more hot, the person that lets her is angry again rise, and he ferries in the soul in those days the 2nd in also ever personate crosses a wife, and her husband is Ma Ke, two people also are round in drama the dream before oneself are old, nevertheless he also is for him bring back to life finally the husband and be willing to give self-abnegation, reckon the netizen that has looked is touched by the sort of his spoony place

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Still have resembling is to once was in Gu Jianji Tan this actor of personate Sun Yueyan, also be to be in the 2nd come on stage somewhat in the ministry, in gut at the beginning, male advocate what what when Xia Dongqing is killed dead by female ghost, encounter is this actor, just at that time because have makeup look keep out, be not identified by everybody so

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The 3rd is Zhu Xudan, know because Zhou Zhi is like this part,he should be now, or because 3 unripe sansei are medium before be black female this part, the personate in wanting to know he once ferried in the soul nevertheless home of a fishing female, and mix male advocate between the contact that has special profundity, in the blueness in drama she acerbity looks also is all the more let a person like, is because this work likes to go up,knowing how to many vermicelli made from bean starch there is his?

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Nevertheless among them most letting what everybody feels an accident should be east the female Zhu Xiaofeng in palace, this also is to let everybody sigh with emotion recently a quite much part, his real name is called Peng Xiaoran, and he once ferried in the soul red garment learns elder sister this paragraphic in appeared a kind-hearted undergraduate is called Zhou Jie, the capacity that nevertheless he is a costar at that time appears, be not noticed by everybody so, but he also ever personate is too old 9 medium big flamen, do not know how to many netizen recognized?

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