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Original title: He is in ” Dou Ting is good ” hind cooperate with Yang Mi again, netizen: From bright red big violet not far!

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Everybody is commenting before teleplay ” Dou Ting is good ” . Because teleplay reflected a lot of real problems, so from broadcast the central point that makes audience at one’s leisure talk about all the time to the end. Can say Su Mingyu lives in the family of a strange flower. Each has 3 men of Home Su the nature of broken bits, a lot of audiences feel grievance for Su Mingyu.

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Nevertheless God is not fair to the person, although around move 3 men compare Home Su of Su Mingyu broken bits, but the emissary that protect a flower also is not lacked beside Su Mingyu, in drama Su Mingyu still has lever of iron of a diehard followers to protect beautiful emissary besides Shi Tiandong, he is Liu Qing.

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The actor of personate willow blueness is Wang Dong, wang Dong also is an actor that gives 20 years, he is a model so, later also transition became actor of a profession. After transition became an actor, wang Dong also goes out early or late had acted ” carat lover ” , ” the department of gynaecology and obstetrics of love ” , ” do oneself bravely ” , ” counsellor is allied ” , ” Chu Qiao is passed ” the drama of movie and TV that waits for heat to sow.

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Although give the heat that act to sow amount of drama of movie and TV many, but Wang Dong is play a favourite by sb in power not red. Be in nevertheless ” Dou Ting is good ” in Wang Dong Liu Qing this part personate is gotten very successful, can say he is a kind of Yi Shiyi’s friendly relation to Su Mingyu, and the sort of ruffian handsome model incisively and vividly of male figure deductive, although appearance compares semifinished product, but very concentrated however to Su Mingyu’s feeling.

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Because of,must say Wang Dong ” Dou Ting is good ” person energy of life goes up greatly, but of only a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing is the show share in drama honest too little, this thinking that the meeting in drama performs he and Shi Tiandong to contend for those who grab Su Mingyu play code, but see coda also did not appear.

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Nowadays ” Dou Ting is good ” already big ending, the filmgoer friend that likes Wang Dong has the good luck of seeing sth rare very quickly again, the teleplay that because leave newly recently,pats ” windstorm eye ” in also Wang Dong ginseng acts.

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” windstorm eye ” by director Jin Sha hold guide, present as leading role to act the leading role when red Yang Mi and Zhangbin Bin, the subject matter of teleplay is very popular city turns over espionage drama. Gut basically was told about execute the law personnel to detect technical filch case, protective country is rare the story that resource is not contrabanded to trade by the force outside the condition, can say sheet is to see gut brief introduction of enough soul-stirring.

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Leading role of male and female is held the position of by Yang Mi Zhang Binbin, a lot of netizens are met very curious. Because 2 people are congeneric fine travel medium, yang Mi go up somehow can say the boss that is Zhang Binbin is led, actually the behind the curtain of this teleplay manufactures to just have fine travel medium, this drama besides Yang Mi Zhang Binbin, the actor that believes follow-up meeting has more and more fine travel medium adds this drama.

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Although Yang Mi is in the where the wind and the waves are highest that recreation encircles to go up all the time, but undeniable Yang Mi is having very powerful appeal force in recreational group, she gives the teleplay that act ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” , ” help up shake empress ” waited for teleplay to gain very good viewing rate and public praise.

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Wang Dong ginseng acts nowadays ” windstorm eye ” also be to cause the netizen’s heat to discuss, have netizen speak bluntly: Wang Dongting is handsome regrettablly is to be done not have all the time bright red big violet, ” Dou Ting is good ” it is a heat sows drama originally, natural because this drama is bright red big violet, regrettablly is show share too little. Join nowadays act ” windstorm eye ” also mean from bright red big violet not far, because Yang Mi has all the time ” flourishing male star ” charm!

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Although although be male only,Wang Dong is in 2 in drama, but his individual glamour is not defeated male a Zhang Binbin. Although Zhang Binbin also is these a few years extremely popular, but as a few more puerile still than rising as Wang Dong, wang Dong’s figure is to calculate absolutely going up is high grade figure, height 186cm, acting good Yanzhi is tall, poor is one explodes red opportunity, had you seen him the theatrical work of what movie and TV that perform enter to Wang Dong?

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