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Original title: Because of ” bright sword ” become famous, after plute man goes broke, 39 years old reappear make money raise the home In industry of movie and TV, this type has the theatrical work that fight day ceaselessly all the time new work appears. But most those who make a person impressive still is classical fight theatrical work of Japanese army brigade ” bright sword ” , a lot of people state this drama looks every year to won’t feel cheesed. So in this drama, li Yunlong this part is thorough popular feeling more, so that a lot of people see Li Youbin, those who think of is not his true name, however dragon of his name plum cloud in drama. Do not pass, we basically want to say an actress today, she is Tian Yu in the part of the personate in this drama, so who is everybody knows?

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This actress of personate cropland rain is called Tong Lei, in those days, she was participated in ” bright sword ” of this teleplay film, after drama anthology broadcasts, tong Lei also is known by wide audience place, have his moment consequently. After industry of movie and TV had proper name, also in succession the director looks for her to take sport. Accordingly, she goes out again later acted ” sunshine blossoms like flower ” this drama, gave an audience very deep impression, the fame that because the Tong Lei this at that time is in,performs art circle is not low still.

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Filming this drama when, tong Lei still knew Zhou Yi to surround. Two people hit it off perfectly, slowly the relationship is closer also one pace, was together then. Everybody special value them the love that this beautifuls woman to the talent, awaiting the news of two individual marriage. However after 5 years, eat melon masses to wait however came the message that two people part company, this paragraph of feeling so ended.

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The Tong Lei later also has receive new work to film, for instance ” break thorn ” , in her expression in this drama still very outstanding, because this also achieved a very good result. Be in however 2014 moment, tong Lei is married already the message of Yo is exposed to the sun to go out, also make a lot of people special astonish. Is this after all how one and the same? Original, in those days Tong Lei and Zhou Yi are surrounded after parting company, marry before long rich and powerful family. Even this plute is mixed to marry her oneself former wife divorced.

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Without giving thought to among what to experience, tong Lei and plute husband still married. The Tong Lei after marrying also exited recreation to encircle slowly, she wants to set her mind at to do a rich wife, take care of oneself family and child. However, everything is done not have so simple, soon, the company of her husband makes work with respect to the holiday that be made by fish false, and return was found out criminal responsibility, they go bankrupt not only between one night, also had a lot of money.

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The Tong Lei nowadays already 39 years old, it is under life place approach, she also can return recreation again only in the circle. She desperately the job, rush about in different play staff busy, final life also got ameliorative, and also help the man fill went up that cavity, what her family also is done by her nowadays is in perfect order. Dear young associate people, see such case, are you how think? The welcome leaves a message discuss.

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