Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: ” bright sword ” medium wear a band the most by force: War occurrence minibus, a form appears to pile up above red wine bottle Speak of ” bright sword ” this drama, believing everybody is in memory reputably again and again. The friend that saw this play a lot of times truly nevertheless should know, the camera lens wearing a band in this drama is very much. Below small edit a few scene wearing a band in taking everybody to see this which play that I discover, be not is to spit groove, pure belong to do laugh. The camera lens that wear a band 1: Minibus

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Won because of war of resistance against aggression at that time, the festival stuff with very so much need comes glad and glad. We can see the thing that has performance musical instrument and so on, the play staff wasted many time for certain to do these things at that time. Carry the minibus of these things does not take care to be shown nevertheless, look independent the group is rich really. The camera lens that wear a band 2: Forcibly missay actor’s lines

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Duan Peng and Li Yunlong go dragon of cloud of plum of encircle and suppress when, two people talk way together. But because Duan Peng is too nervous missay word, on caption always cannot according to the fault write, then the play staff gives actor’s lines forcibly mend one’s ways came. Duan Peng is not a main actor after all, everybody is paid no attention to also is understandable. The camera lens that wear a band 3: A form code appears on red wine

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Li Yunlong and Zhang Bai are shown together when wind flower is moonlight, the wine that two people drink also is shown. But there is a form yard actually above this bottle of red wine, this can be child of contemporary ability some, laoli or not quite attention. Although say ” bright sword ” this drama has these scene that wear a band, but what a bit cannot affect him is classical. Small make up looking for these is not say this play is bad to look, pure belonging to is to feel these camera lens are done exceedingly laugh, seek authority one case happy joy.

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