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Original title: Discriminate passes: The admire to sufferring all kinds of distress, why didn’t discriminate want her to come back? About servant girl admire, although be a nobody, when can lasting to discriminate to answer palace again all the time actually to her camera lens, apparent this nobody is different from general, having more far-reaching sense. Discriminate answers palace, at once should return small permit child, as to the admire that distributes glad noble part, although deduced advocate fall forward situation is difficult, relative self-sufficient an ornament worn as a pendant at the waist in ancient times daub medicinal liquor. But after the event, discriminate unexpectedly with ” the look line that serves as oneself ” for, let admire continue to stay in glad noble place.

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See this one act, we can think discriminate is affected mostly, cruel-hearted use admire the goal that achieves oneself, have some of acerbity few grace. And actually, this is the one pace step that discriminate takes first-rately. Discriminate enters palace, empress explains Jian Qiu to send some of sweet-scented osmanthus the broken Yu Xuan that lives to discriminate place, it is to give broken Yu Xuan to add bit of happy event to enrage apparently, actually is to mask musky scent. At the outset fragrant noble miscarriage, because be buried in the Chinese flowering crabapple,establish the cause of musky of this one chunk below namely. Discriminate just entered broken Yu Xuan, besides the Kang Luhai that fawn on, have admire only the cause that introduced sweet-scented osmanthus tree enthusiastic and actively to discriminate , empress enjoins flunky to arrange say personally, discriminate is returned at that time very of empress of recall with deep emotion take care of.

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Must say, admire show share is quite much still. One can active to the person that shows boss compliment empress, or is change one’s view according to circumstances, be eager to kittenish person, or is the person that empress arranges. It is these two kinds of people only, become oneself reliable agent impossibly, but the discriminate at that time is not clear, can come already only, install. Since gouge that muskiness, discriminate gingerly, fear the fight in this palace really, not dare serve stops. Appeal then at the beginning of Wen Shi, leave to oneself some let the body have ailmenting remedy, ill ill crooked crooked ground hides in the malinger in broken Yu Xuan. Day one long, the flunky below the hand sees the boss that discriminate is not a be in sb’s good graces really, that nature does not gain profit, also become barratrous from respect to the manner of discriminate rise. Admire be being returned with Kang Luhai is a kind of person really, climb step on low be used to high, giving discriminate burns loiter of water mill dillydally, still do not put tea, keep on saying says to do not have tea. Strength flows candidly bright red, interrogatory she: “How don’t have tea, do I see yesterday is there still tea in the water that you drink? Do I see yesterday is there still tea in the water that you drink??

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Convection of even if face bright red interrogatory, admire still a pair of proud control oneself, love answers the expression that pay no attention to, sit in that scamping. Hubbub drew the attention of Jin night tide, jin night tide is accusatorial admire, admire just not affection does not wish the own job that the ground has done him. Discriminate discovered a hand next the ugly performance of these people, disadvantageous also leave them again, seek the opinion of themselves, want to must go immediately, returned one ingot silver each. Because Kang Luhai does not have true boss, nature is to see money eye leaves, took money to go person. And admire although a lot of and barratrous, did not leave however, perhaps be the arrangement of empress presumably, just stayed. But so one do sth over and over again, admire the person in discriminate memory is set also not so denounce was fond of. Although do not have evidence to prove admire the person that is empress, but its bearing sees one spot, cannot appoint with important task be affirmative. Dried meat 8 this day, it is the day that the wife of a prince of Gong Li aing concubine of an emperor pays respects to mother of an emperor, jin night tide enjoins discriminate to want to go some earlier, absolutely cannot be late. Choosing the time of the dress, admire took a color the cape that bright-coloured, value does not poor, saying discriminate wore this meeting very outstanding, glow.

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The strength of discriminate , all along is low-key act. Moreover, mother of an emperor is not the emperor, like the daughter-in-law of Wen Wan, dignified, guileless naturally. Admire whole so, if say inadvertently, the affection that or is her business is real too low; If say,be intended, that ability is appropriate. A few days ago, china the wife of a prince just declared the state of discriminate to mother of an emperor, saying discriminate wears the dress of Sichuan bright and beautiful, the Sichuan that again one pair sets full gem bright and beautiful shoe, that is costly degree, it is nobody can be reached really. If discriminate wore a luxuriant and clinking cape really, so also won’t mother of an emperor leaves discriminate to excerption the show share of sutra, discriminate had to go up over mother of an emperor blacklist, won’t have the play yard that answers palace later more. Be based on admire the behavior of a variety of disagreement intention, discriminate is to won’t be at ease use her. So, when leaving palace, discriminate also is to had made a plan. Fall Long month You Jingfei to bring up, borrow plane draw sb over to one’s side to respect the wife of a prince; Will small allow child dismiss go serving eyebrow place of business, come, hope small allow child can live well dot; 2 come, hope small allow child can him attend to is mixed the friendly feelings of eyebrow village, did not forget oneself are right her loving-kindness, to make a plan later. Will taste dismiss go serving respect the wife of a prince, arrange by proper motion of internal affairs government office as to someone else.

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Article Tong Peier is later Gong Li distributive slaves girl, close scanty about the same, one slaves girl, dismiss go taking care of eyebrow village what to is no good, the thing of a word, discriminate does not have Guan Peier unluckily go staying, showing discriminate is to want to let admire emerge of itself and perish of itself. Discriminate is not at ease admire bearing, fear she is the person of empress more. If be the person of empress really, so dealt with by empress, oneself also need not worry about, still extracted a dark picket. Time went two years… the discriminate that answers palace again, discover admire actually noble of for company glad will to oneself pay respects. More than smooth dekko, see admire angular a lot of. Since admire place not beautiful, show empress and do not have additional to its attend to, she is not the person of empress, or empress is already right her get rid of sb as soon as he has done his job; Can pay respects as glad noble, show admire Gu Nian advocate the affection of fall forward, want to please oneself, to plan an outlet in the future. Since have,beg at oneself, do start armed struggle will endeavor with respect to meeting with one one’s heart. Glad noble this individual is silent all the time, discriminate looks to be not appeared to her really. Although she accused Qi to a concubine of an emperor one shape, but a her character is absolutely incredibly. Since admire cannot stay beside oneself, why doesn’t that use her, hook in glad noble. Then discriminate bades on the sly of wash green jade looked for admire. Discriminate is affectionately handholded first admire hand, the misery that suffers a few this years to her expresses indignation. Admire touch, the arm that as concubine of an emperor Qi to flog to her reveals discriminate to look. Discriminate down admire if stubble is received downward, a few words are covered gave Qi He Xingui aing concubine of an emperor person not the truth of harmonious.

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Then discriminate mentioned gone chrysanthemum is green, meaning in awe admire the end that protects bless without the person. Discriminate next says again is him complicity admire they, relative still self-sufficient an ornament worn as a pendant at the waist in ancient times brush medicinal liquor. Admire be said so that use a facial expression by discriminate , soon duration arrived, discriminate borrows machine the requirement that raised oneself: “Actually you pass badly over glad noble, this palace can think method to want you to come out however. It is Qi as concubine of an emperor only the kind and enmity with this palace, you know, you can be willing for this palace, advertent they the activity of two, stay in Chu Xiugong temporarily? ” face put down the figure, lead that has shown to oneself actively, the promises only share that makes subordinate. If the hypocrisy of comply with leader is polite, that did not have good fruit to eat more. Most propbably these a few years of painful go through the mill, admire also was to progress many. So admire the requirement that can agree with discriminate only, answer: “Slave slave-girl is willing! ” discriminate purpose is reached, but final also be to do not have an admire receive return him Gong Li to come. Discriminate is already right admire bearing generated suspicion, even if can answer palace again, but to admire be absolutely cannot stay beside. Use only to her, cannot open-armed. So, “Reform ” be inferior to ” from one and eventually ” , a lot of moment are the opportunity that had not come afresh. The accredit of a person to another person once, without what so called the 2nd, the 3rd, although appear, also be to sell at a discount greatly.

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