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Original title: 5 uncared-for ” espionage war play ” , a few had you seen? 1, ” time of wind and cloud ” ; This drama story and before espionage war play cuts a dot to differ, ” time of wind and cloud ” leave piece the first collect is first-rate. Leave piece it is desert, it is the conflict of the espionage in dish, intense not curt. This is a bit what attract me. 2 o’clock is a character it is clear to explain not laggard, did not show dizzy dazzle ability again. The choice that 3 o’clock is an actor is proper, numerous male god people have handsome have cruel, have wisdom have crafty, have seek without Song, the most important is the little fresh pork that did not call somewhat, there is those who belong to oneself in the eye each ” perky ” , each acting is online. Actress is not masterstroke in this drama, do not have those alleged and modern belles likewise, everybody is a part is the most beautiful. Anyhow, be worth to look.

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2, ” code name ” ; ” code name ” narrative alarmingly dangerous and be concerned about not only the clue design of profit from insecurity, and the love in blending in a war interweaves, and each ” fan ” the identity and the failure that facing emissary task, suspicion, sacrifice. Probably, ” code name ” appear, can become ” new ” of espionage war play perfect deduce, become ” acting technology of Pan American class hour and art wonderful couplet sleeves ” .

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3, ” fatherhood ” ; This drama brings the audience into the atmosphere of extreme nervousness at the beginning, the comrade of joint action is forced to die in him hand, delitescent leading role also is faced with expose the tight encirclement with the spy. Leading role of male and female begins psychology and intellective have a contest at the beginning, design mutual digging pit each other. Story clue is compact, annulus annulus photograph is buckled, it is exciting very. Recommend.

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4, ” decide the issue of the battle ” ; A very wonderful war of resistance against aggression piece, there is the hero that leap onto roofs and vault over walls drags cruel madly to dazzle in drama, also do not have skill of tender feelings myriad Oh heroine, some is an approximately airtight environment only, everybody is overcautious consolidate step by step. Content of characters in a play no matter the Japanese army or compatriots of war of resistance against aggression of of all kinds, intelligence quotient is online go up, gut is compact, hour exciting.

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5, ” invisible general ” ; Before a few days went seeing a teleplay previously a lot of years ” invisible general ” , this is the teleplay that adapts according to true person biography, should say overall adapting is a success. I feel ending of second half part is too fast, the action that is a subterranean party instead was weakened. Huang Jiao dispute often gives the actor power, add cent for this drama many. His successful deduction a literate military figure, the person that modelled an authentic believing conceal, on the history is Han Lian really becoming a general is great more. If playwrite can be a few more meticulous, it is one can be popularized energetically drama.

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5 uncared-for ” espionage war play ” reviewing already was classical, a few had you seen?

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