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Original title: Star of week of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad song gallop costar performs leading role, last ministry daughter 2 after be absent, the netizen chooses to abandon theatrical work! Now is the times with a consummate discharge, of actor famous the assurance that spends the viewing rate that is drama of a movie and TV or booking office, so the actor’s acting is not the first requirement of the director, costar acting grinds the administrative levels of drama of movie and TV that presses leading role not poor. We do not prevent check to fall today, the drama of movie and TV that those leading role are ground to press! 1, people’s name

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Of this drama male one is the Hou Liang that Liu Yi acts is made the same score, liu Yi’s acting is not poor, in of the same age age paragraph classy level is in absolutely in the actor, but be in ” people’s name ” in the teleplay that this play bone gathers, was become to play the role of soy by the second however. 2, sword of thill of a small room

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This teleplay that makes single-handed by Tang Ren, that meeting to hold strong husband of new personality Jiang in both hands, hu Ge, Liu Shishi, Gulina is plunged into, forest wait for appropriative inside greenery newlier, after believing many netizens look nevertheless, think Hu Ge is leading role up to now. Actually, the acting of Jiang strong husband also does not calculate difference, can you blame person of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad song to enrage only too flourishing? 3. , the king of 1000 king 2000

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By celebrated director Wang Jing hold guide ” 1000 Wang Zhi king 2000 ” , that meeting to hold Zhang Jiahui in both hands, he is painful next principal, with empyreal time, the pay of a few ten million gives Zhou Xing gallop the costar of appropriative Zhang Jiahui, be like with Mr Wu again, the star of big shop sign such as Guan Zhaoji, also act as inside with respect to Lian Wangjing killer of villain in drama, but in the film, limelight is entirely inside the Zhou Xing that makes supporting rule gallop the final examination of personate 1000 ” Huang Shihu ” grab. 4, spadger

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By Li Yifeng, Zhou Dongyu, Han Qing child, the espionage war play of the main actor such as Yin Zheng ” spadger ” , can saying is a men and women advocate by male 2 female 2 callosity are ground kill, zhou Dongyu may be defeated in that pair of small eyes, and Li Yifeng is defeated namely in acting. 5, Yun Zhongge

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Of the main actor such as You Yangying, Du Chun, Yang Rong, Chen Xiao ” Yun Zhongge ” , the Yun Ge of personate of the Yang Ying in this drama is complete second be givinged by the Huo Chengjun of Yang Rong personate is killed, the matter need not say more, acting of type of glare of Yang Ying whole journey, even if the existence of tall Yan Zhi, also cannot keep out female advocate limelight is grabbed. 6, alone Gu the world

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” alone Gu the world ” the heroine in drama should be alone Gu gal collect (Hu Bingqing is acted the role of) , let how be acted in order to high however be like like Gu alone shine brilliantly in early days. The An Yixuan in drama is big female advocate exist, perform the character disposition is clearly. Clever and sedate, have the capacity that with oneself ambition photograph matchs and courageous and resolute. It is however to oneself family very shield a shortcoming of fault, in drama bully gas special. 7, laugh be proud all corners of the country

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” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” the Ren Ying of version of Yuan Shan Shan is filled with, in drama however of personate of favour of Chen Qiao of be not a patch on female 2 east are indefectible. Bring about final audience to hope Ling Huchong and east are indefectible together. Basically be the Oriental and indefectible Yan Zhi that old Jon performs actually, intelligence quotient and the emperor that pressed Yuan Shan Shan to be being ground on Ling Huchong’s feeling tentatively. 8, the person that pretend

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Be like those who wait for a main actor by Hu Ge, Song Yi, Mr Wang ” the person that pretend ” , a lot of people are given to attract by the Yu Manli of personate of Yi of the Song Dynasty, song Yi the beauty Yu Manli, amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds, dare love to dare be hated act incisively and vividly. And this theatrical work is real female advocate it is the Cheng Jinyun that Wang Jun is like personate, the likelihood is the problem as a result of appearance and acting respect, many netizens abandon theatrical work in succession after Yu Manli is dead, even if have introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad song,be in also be not saved. The film that what leading role is ground to press by costar or teleplay do you still know?

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